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\"Nantong Nal \" four major management system certification project launched

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On December 2, 2021, Naarton Nair Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Nair Material Technology Co., Ltd., has held the IATF16949 automotive quality system in Nantong, and the ISO9001 / ISO14001 / ISO45001 management system consulting project launched a conference. Ma Ji, President of Nar Shares (Suzhou Microship Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.) expert Yang Yong, member of Nantong Nar Management System Project Working Group, Nantong Baina supports members of the Working Group, totaling 39 people participated Meeting.


First, Dai Weicheng, Dai Weicang, Director of Nar Stock, Dai Weiyang, prelimated the four major system certification consulting projects. The project aims to further enhance and promote the standardization, refinement, institutionalization, process of PPF product management, and better meet customer needs and improve market competitiveness. He said that quality is the lifeline of the company, good quality management, which is conducive to improving efficiency, reducing costs, providing quality products and services, and improve customer satisfaction.

2Dai Weicang, Director of Narrian, Dai Weiyang

Subsequently, the teacher Yang Yong used a vivid interpretation of the basic knowledge of the four major systems with a deep exquisite and easy-to-understand language. The contents include the origin, development and standard implementation of the system standard and the role of the company and the project counseling implementation plan. Teacher Yang said that the final purpose of implementing standards and certification is not for the sake of certification, but on the basis of the certification, the company has promoted the company's management to more on a new step. Many contradictions and various difficulties are encountered during the construction process, and all personnel should work together with active, active work attitude, and group force. The system work should avoid \"two leather \" phenomenon, in the implementation of the system, the work should be carried out strictly in accordance with the requirements of the standards and system documents, so that the system work is truly implemented.

3Consulting counseling expert Yang Yong speaking ↑

After the reporter of the system certification project, Wang Yufeng, the leader of the Ministry of Technical Pipeline, the head of the Ministry of Technology, and Yang Dong, the head of the production department, has been published in the system and said that the team can lead the team to complete the certification. The determination of the mission. They will actively cooperate in the process of considering, conscientiously completing the construction work in accordance with the progress of the project planning, and use the scheduled time to complete the establishment of the standard system.

4R & D department leader Wang Yifeng ↑

4-2Wang Shengguan, a leader of the technical management department

4-3Yangdong collar of the production department

Finally, the President Ma Ji, President Ma Ji, made a summary speech, and he expounded the purpose and role of the system certification. He said that the final purpose of this certification is to improve the company's quality awareness and overall performance, enhance and change the production environment, and bear the corresponding social responsibility, and is responsible for the occupational health and safety of every company employee. He will also start from himself, vigorously promote the work of quality management system, so that it is landing to achieve continuous improvement.

5Nar Shares President Ma Ji speech ↑

The implementation of the management system requires the active participation of each Naren, strong support and publicity system, integrating the certification system into daily daily work, learning, understanding, and implementation, unity, with a solid action improve quality.

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