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Nantong Baina Lean Management Project Launched

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-29      Origin: Site

On September 17, 2021, \"Nantong Baba Lean Management Phase Item Launched the Conference\" \"in Nantong Banner, markingThe concept of \"Lean Management \" is further deepened in the Nallantian system.

After the successful phase of the Shanghai Nar Lean Project, in order to improve the problem more targeted, the project is achieved, and the project has been in Nantong since July.ProductionThe management process is investigated, analyzed, and based on this establishment of the lean production improvement team, the efficiency team, and introduces lean production promotion implementation.

On the day of the meeting, the background and goals were first introduced in detail, and the previous research results and organizational architecture were announced, which made a good foundation for comprehensive, efficient start, promotion projects, and establishing an excellent operating system.

Ma Ji, President of Nar Shares, pointed out in the meeting that promoting the need for lean management projects to adapt to the market development; it is the need to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, realize their own development; it is the need for employee quality and corporate anti-risk capability.

At the same time, he puts forward four points on the Lean Management Project Team: First, the leading cadres should be highly valued, take the lead in person; Self-denial, continuous advancement in a negative.

Lean management projects aim to enhance production management efficiency, improve product quality, and improvement of production requires all staff to face difficult, persistent, pay attention to methods. Only by upholding the earth, seeking truth from facts, strengthening learning, continuous self-improvement, strengthening cross-sectoral communication and exchanges can ensure the implementation of Nantong Baina into industry first-class companies.

Subsequently, Ma Ji president issued a book for the relevant personnel of this lean management project.

Finally, Liu Song, director of production and operation center, leads to all participants to swear:

From today, strive to learn lean knowledge,

Extensive participation in lean improvement, actively promoting lean production,

Resolutely ensure the promotion of the effect.

Never say in the work:

Impossible, no time, no!

- END -

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