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Nantong Babina Lean Management Project is a successful success

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On December 29, 2021, \"Nantong Baina Lean Management Project Mid-Times will be held in Nantong Baina. Adhering to the President Ma Ji proposed \"leading cadres attaches great importance to personally take the lead; strictly planning, solidly promoting; A total of 17 project results were published at this meeting.

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First, Liu Song, Director, Production and Operations Center, delivered a speech, and he said that lean production can help enterprises to make self-improvement in the continuous lean learning, enhance corporate vitality. Lean management can help companies produce the highest quality products at the lowest cost, which is the \"killer \" of the company to win the market.

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Production Operations Director Liu Song speech ↑

The Lean Production Steering Teacher Zhu Chengbai speaking speech, he explained the score of the judge group, and they will score the project from the data accuracy, reason to analyze, countermeasures, and implementation, and summarize the five major aspects, follow the \ The principle of \"public, fair, fair \".


Guide Teacher Zhu Chengbin speech ↑

Subsequently, the promotion groups reported on the reasons for the current excavation depth by reporting, and explored the improved space. The content covers the production efficiency of workshop, and has multiple aspects such as special abnormal improvement.

Boutique Workshop Zhang Tonghui Daily \"Reduces the Single Sweeping Time of Boutique 8\" Improvement Project. The project uses internal shift to exemption to transition, thereby reducing the main internal modulus time, using scientific tools such as spaghetti, analyzes depth, and verifies.


Boutique Workshop Zhang Tong conducts project report ↑

Technical Engineers Shen Chusan report \"Reduce PVC Membrane Heavy Thickness Thick Thickness Rate\" project, his thinking is clear, logically, and more than a thousand groups of data during the project, it is a conscious spirit of the Polyner's refinement.


Technical Engineer Shen Chusan Report ↑

Ni Singfeng, director of the endoching workshop, reported \"Reduce the Silicon Paper Resistance Rate\" project. By increasing the automatic discharge device, the procedure automatically controls the human error and loss, and lays a good start to achieve automation production.


Workshop Director Ni Saifeng report ↑

During the report period, \"The Protestant Group \" \"The Buddha Group \" \"Guangzong Yao \" and other witty and interesting group name also brought a laughter to the report site.


Other group members also show their improvement results one by one. In the promotion of this lean improvement project, members of each group continue to achieve self-breaking through the process of promoting the project, and has created benefits.






In the end, the engineer Shen Chifu \"Reduces the PVC Membrane Heavy Thickness\" Project has obtained the first place in the group with a comprehensive score of 87 points.


With the continued advancement of lean production, \"rigor, serious, innovation, improvement, endless \", this spirit will deeply go deep into each Narwer's heart. We will adhere to this spirit, constantly achieve self-breakthrough, and build Nantong Baina and the entire Naren into industry first-class companies.


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