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Nall's necessary quality to become an excellent enterprise -- all staff marketing

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-08-27      Origin: Site

At the beginning of 2017, general manager You Aiguo put forward the "customer-centric, market-centric" all staff marketing. Now, a new implementation outline is officially issued to every employee. A enterprise concept upgrading from top to bottom officially started and will become an important part of NAR's development in the future. This is not only ideological propaganda and education, but also will become an important reference for NAR to assess and evaluate the KPI of employees.

The greatest significance of the existence of a market-oriented enterprise is to create customer value most efficiently through internal organization and management, and the way of value transmission is generally completed through the sales department. But is creating customer value just for the sales department? Sales is only one part of delivering customer value, not all of it. NAR's pursuit is to become an outstanding digital printing equipment manufacturer, which will focus on customers in every link of purchasing, technology, production, quality, logistics, customer service, and make products with emotion and temperature with attentive service. 

As a result, NAR announced a new marketing plan - all staff marketing. This means that NAR will enter a new stage and face customers and all partners in the supply chain with a new attitude.

All staff marketing" is not to let everyone and every post do sales, but every post needs to have market awareness and know clearly when facing the next link: for whom? What is the standard of service? What is the result of the service? What is the outcome of the service?

For more than ten years, NAR has been working in digital printing market,now has been transformed from the initial product driven market to the current product application driven development, and in the future, it needs to drive greater breakthroughs through users and services. Here we need to have some consensus in mind:

Nard's future product philosophy, "simple, stable and safe"

With the development of digital printing industry for more than 20 years, the development of printers and inks has been constantly innovating. However, the main substrates used for printing have not changed greatly. The trend of product homogeneity is becoming increasingly significant, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. 

As NAR, who already has the advantage of the whole industrial chain, will achieve the goal of "don't make me think!". So that users can have a "simple, stable and safe" experience when using nale products.

What we want is the result of service

In the concept of all staff marketing, we pursue service results. At this time, the next process faced by each link is the "customer" and "market" of this link. Each person and position is not responsible for his boss, but for his "customers" and "market". What are the outcomes of services? The satisfaction of the next process is the result of service.

The quality of sales is not just about the Sales Department

A company's sales performance is one of the embodiment of the company's management and overall competitiveness, but the embodiment of the company's comprehensive strength is not only sales. 

In fact, the performance of every department and position within the company will affect the sales situation, because no company with outstanding performance will have poor product quality and internal management confusion. On the contrary, the performance of an enterprise full of positive energy, high employee enthusiasm and excellent product performance will not be bad. The sales department is the front-line personnel of the team, while the service department is the strong support of the sales department. Once a customer raises a problem, the whole team needs to work together to solve the problem.

Some responsibilities go beyond departmental boundaries

"This is not my responsibility" and "this is not my department's business". In this way, it will often appear in the workplace. It seems that there is no expression of the problem, but in fact, it is the indifference to the problem and the lack of the overall view. 

"All staff marketing" is to think about customers and the development of the company on the basis of doing a good job in their own posts, and form a general view based on this code of conduct. Therefore, there are some responsibilities of the whole team, which are shared responsibilities across departmental boundaries.

To do a good job of all staff marketing is not only the best embodiment of NAR's business tenet of "serving the world with heart", but also NAR's mission to become an important accomplishment of an outstanding enterprise!

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