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Nale body stickers are upgraded to improve user experience

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-06-21      Origin: Site

"All for the sake of customers, fully upgrade the vinyl products!" ——This is a major decision made by NAR's management in the first quarter.


To achieve this goal, enhance the customer experience. NAR went into the front line to investigate the product use experience. After collecting the feedback from many users, the R & D team made a comprehensive adjustment to the glue consumption of NAR’s vehicle body pasting products to make the product more reasonable and meet the market demand.


On this basis, in the second quarter, the amount of glue consumed by self adhesive vinyl products increased dramatically, with an increase of nearly 50 tons per month. The product cost that NAR bears also rises accordingly, but even so, NAR also did not make adjustment to the price of self adhesive vinyl product.

Continuous high-speed adhesive machine

The pressure of cost is not only from the change of glue consumption. In the past few months, the price of large raw materials for the production of self adhesive vinyl has also generally increased.


However, NAR still insists on using high-quality raw materials and strictly implements all product process standards, aiming to bring better product use experience to customers. This is NAR's commitment to "all for customers" proposed this year.

Product inspector at work

For more than ten years, in order to provide customers with high-quality products, NAR Co., Ltd. has completed the construction of three modern manufacturing and logistics bases in Shanghai and Nantong, and one technology research and development center of nearly 2000 square meters. On this basis, NAR has realized large-scale production, providing users all over the country and even around the world with cost-effective products. 

In 2018, NAR once again carried out the stage of comprehensive upgrading and development, and spent a lot of money on equipment upgrading, while carrying out effective production and operation management, creating a first-class quality management system, cooperating with universities, vigorously cultivating R & D talents, improving technology, developing innovation, and continuously improving and improving products. 

"All for the customer", this belief has become NAR people's commitment to all people. It is this belief that NAR people never give up in front of the huge pressure brought by the rise of raw materials and other factors, and always put the user's product experience in the most important position!

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