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NAR technical services - without borders!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-05-13      Origin: Site

Since 2018, NAR has been providing customers with borderless technical services. In the past six months, under the leadership of the marketing team, NAR's technical personnel have traveled around the world many times to solve the practical use problems of products and train product knowledge for local end users.

With its excellent technical strength and professional service attitude, NAR's technicians have solved the problem of ink-jet printing that has puzzled customers for many years, making NAR's borderless technical services win a warm welcome and high recognition in various markets.

Issuing an authorization card for agents ↑

Group photo with local users ↑

Compare the ink absorption of different brand products ↑

Check the HP Latex inkjet effect ↑

This year, NAR's borderless technical services will be further expanded. No matter in which country or region, as long as NAR's product market is available, NAR's technical team will go to the local area to solve the problems in actual painting and application for users.

Check OKI inkjet effect ↑

Check the printing site with the user ↑

Product application training for users ↑

 In the future, NAR's borderless technology services will solve problems for more users, and comprehensively enhance the experience of global users on nard's products.

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