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NAR : relay the dream,Intensive and meticulous farming

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Ma Jiji was appointed as new general manager of NAR industrial Co., Ltd after Mr You Aiguo


After 16 years, NAR has been leading the digital printing equipment industry with leading technology and steady development. Now, Ma Jiji, as the new leader of the mission of inheriting NAR , is trying to prove the fact that NAR , which promotes inheritance and innovation at the same time, will have a better future.

From the beginning of 2003 to the end of 2017, under the leadership of Founder You Aiguo, NAR  has completed a series of historical missions along the way, including the transformation from trade to factory, shareholding system reform, and the successful listing of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. At the beginning of 2018, NAR announced that you Aiguo resigned from the position of general manager of the company and remained as chairman of NAR after resignation. From January 1, 2018, Ma Jiji was appointed as general manager of Shanghai NAR. This significant change also marks the beginning of the new era of professional management from founder management to NAR .

In the heart of Ma Jiji, the "new commander", there is a different admiration and trust for NAR , which always pursues innovation. Similarly, facing the expectations of chairman You Aiguo, he would like to build a more brilliant future through down-to-earth and continuous accumulation.

New challenge, new inheritance

In 2017, in the year of Ma Jiji's forties , he ushered in another new challenge in his life: leaving the century old brand Tsingtao beer which has been struggling for 17 years, he joined NAR industrial Co., Ltd. 

"Joining NAR started the third phase of my career." Ma Jiji divides his career into three stages: the first stage is to enter the old state-owned enterprises in his youth, where he is influenced by the dedication and dedication of the workers of the old state-owned enterprises; the second stage is to enter Tsingtao beer, experiencing the transformation of Tsingtao beer from planned economy to market economy, from traditional state-owned enterprises to international modern enterprises, from self-development to rapid development The expansion of M & A. In Ma Jiji's view, in the second stage of his career, he followed the rapid growth of Tsingtao beer. In the market tide of constant reform and change, his ideas and experience were rapidly improved and laid a solid management foundation. These are also the biggest foundation for Ma Jiji to meet the new challenges of the third stage of his career.

"Chairman you Aiguo's broad mind is moving." Ma Jiji said it was one of the most important reasons for his joining NAR. He lamented that the founder team of NAR has been working hard for 15 years, and it's impressive that they are united and enterprising. It's the spirit of broad minded of the leader, that has made NAR's achievements today. At the same time, in Ma Jiji's view, now NAR is in a breakthrough and transformation period of the platform, which is very consistent with his professional experience. He firmly believes that he can contribute his own strength to the development of NAR.


Standing at a new starting point of his career, Ma Jiji knows that he needs to make more efforts for NAR, and more importantly, he needs to spread the profound meaning of the brand - "after arriving at NAR, I have more experience of this company with responsibility, learning spirit, inclusiveness and reflection awareness. This is the cornerstone of NAR's success, and also makes NAR a leading enterprise in the digital printing material industry. NAR's "Focus on customers" concept has been deeply involved in the work of every cadre and employee. " Ma Jiji said so.

New manufacturing, new future

There is no doubt that new leaders are always expected to make breakthroughs in the life stage of the enterprise. 

The cultural precipitation of the past 16 years has been a good support for the development of NAR , and is also the key to its stable development. However, with the change of environment and market, enterprises should innovate constantly to create a new future. 

With the completion of three modern manufacturing and logistics bases in Shanghai and Nantong, as well as the clean level of 100000 class dust-free workshops, the use of digita printing material technology research and development center, and the overall upgrading of the company's equipment into the era of 2.0, NAR has built a complete adhesive coating industry chain from PVC film, TPU environmental protection film, release paper and release Film and other raw materials to the back of the full range of adhesive products manufacturing, leading the industry.

In 2018, NAR Co., Ltd. will continue to invest greatly in equipment upgrading and move forward to the era of 3.0 gum equipment. To fulfill his mission, Ma Jiji's first step is to innovate in inheritance: Taking the strategy of product leading and efficiency driven as the main development direction. Ma Jiji further added that we should establish goal management, comprehensive budget management, efficient production and operation management, build a first-class quality management system, cultivate a leading R & D team, and provide first-class goods at a suitable cost; we will be more aggressive in market development, and work with agents and distributors to develop the market, and establish a collaborative business oriented by end customers Marketing system to achieve mutual profit, win-win and common prosperity. 

Ma Jiji frankly said that he was facing a huge challenge and was under great pressure, but it was meaningful to have the opportunity to take on such a challenge. 

"In the next five years, we will stick to our main business, achieve a sales target of 3 billion through the development strategy of connotation and extension of two wheel drive; strive to become a global excellent supplier of digital printing equipment, and help the industry take off." Ma Jiji's ambition indicates that NAR's reform is imperative. In the process of promoting inheritance and innovation at the same time, it is clear that every move of Ma Jiji is laying the groundwork for the same goal, that is, to build a stronger strength for NAR. 

"Relay the dream , intensive and meticulous farming", Ma Jiji is carrying out his mission with his own actions.

Ma Jiji, accountant, EMBA of Antai, Shanghai Communcation University. Prior to that, he worked in state-owned enterprises for 27 years, including 17 years in an important management position of Tsingtao beer. 

In 2000 -2007, he was appointed general manager of Tsingtao Beer, Xuzhou, Suqian and Pengcheng, and later transferred to East China Tsingtao Beer marketing company as deputy general manager. During his tenure, he achieved good business performance and accumulated rich management experience in production operation management, cost management, quality management, marketing management, etc. 

In 2008, he was transferred to the general manager of human administration headquarters of Tsingtao beer marketing center. Through three years of building a unified marketing system human resource management system of Tsingtao Beer across the country, he made  innovation and breakthrough in the recruitment and training of marketing talents, assessment and incentive, as well as in the design of marketing organizations, which supported the promotion of the whole sales performance. 

From 2012 to 2017, he was responsible for the preparation and establishment of the joint venture project of Suntory, and became the general manager of Qingdao beer Suntory (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and the deputy general manager of logistics management headquarters of Qingdao beer marketing center. Integrate the leading ideas of foreign enterprises in marketing management, supply chain and information system to form a complete management concept and method system.

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