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In 2022, NAR entered the 20th year of its growth. In the past 20 years, NAR people have not only achieved one achievement after another, but also accumulated valuable spiritual wealth by sticking to their original intention and persisting in ingenuity on the road of development from hard work to group operation and leapfrog development. In the middle of March this year, the epidemic began to spread. The factories in Shanghai and Nantong were closed one after another. The Shanghai factory maintained closed production for 65 days, and more than 400 employees in Nantong factory also closed production for more than a week. Under such circumstances, the production and sales volume of NAR still reached a high record , and the operating rate remained at 70% in April and May. Under extreme conditions, NAR's spirit and potential have been brought into full play.

Act quickly at the command

Cadres and employees take responsibility

On the evening of March 27, it was only 8 hours from the issuance of the notice of comprehensive closure to the start of closure. The company immediately had an online meeting to schedule the work of anti epidemic and production protection. In the face of the epidemic, none of the cadres and employees of NAR withdrew and decided to conduct closed production in the factory. Everyone performed their duties and almost stayed up all night. Colleagues in the supply chain management center readjusted the planning of orders, arranged the raw materials, and prepared the materials for the factory. The employees who received the notice should also do their best to avoid. In the following 65 days, they worked day and night under the leadership of Shao Xinzheng, Zhang Nengjun and other cadres stationed in the factory, ensuring the normal operation of production and delivery.



As a matter of fact, since the outbreak of the epidemic in mid March, all departments have begun to make full preparations for various work: requiring suppliers to prepare enough goods; The backup supplier shall switch immediately; Sort out the space of raw material warehouse, and meet and increase the arrival volume at any time; Canteen personnel have also been stationed in the factory in advance. In the first few days of the closure, while making emergency adjustment, we were also considering various plans: what about the long-term closure of Shanghai? What about the closure of Nantong? What if the two cities are closed at the same time? The supply chain management center has also implemented the two-level plan and three-level support for the arrival of suppliers, the delivery of customers, the transfer of goods between Shanghai and Shanghai, the less than one load, and the collection of trucks, so as to prepare for a rainy day. It takes one step, two steps, and three steps.

Meet the difficulties and achieve the mission

Make the impossible possible

The first impact brought by the policy of sealing and controlling silence must be the operation of the entire supply chain, especially the daily supply of bulk materials and the delivery of customer orders. On the second day after the closure of Pudong, the logistics of all lines was paralyzed, the raw materials could not come in and the finished products could not go out, and a large number of materials were stuck at the Shanghai border. After learning that only the inbound container truck can pass, manager Zhang Nengjun immediately tried to rent it, which solved the urgent problem. In April, it was very difficult to find dangerous chemical vehicles transporting adhesives. In order not to allow the driver to stay in Shanghai for more than 4 hours, we found a truck of Nantong driver from other provinces. In order to prevent the driver from staying in Shanghai for more than 4 hours, the goods were loaded and unloaded as soon as they arrived. We ate and drank in the car, and the driver was picked up for nucleic acid. In this way, the driver served us for more than 40 days. If the bulk cargo and express mail cannot reach Shanghai, they will be sent to Nantong first and then transferred by trucks meeting the requirements of closed-loop prevention and control. Some containers will be sent to Nantong factory first and then transferred to the outsourcing factory in Zhejiang until the company's truck pass is completed. The handling of the pass is also a variety of twists and turns, but with perseverance, no matter how complicated the goal can be achieved!

At the beginning of April, Nantong factory also started the epidemic control. A large number of trucks were blocked at the expressway. Xiong Hele contacted and applied at the first time. After the introduction of the truck control policy of Nantong City, he led a team of three people to arrive at the expressway in the afternoon of the same day and began to pick up the vehicles. They worked all night. Subsequently, according to the number of vehicles arriving every day and the location of the entrance and exit of the expressway, they were dispatched in an orderly manner to carry out the control of vehicles entering the expressway, entering the factory, disinfection and sterilization, loading and epidemic prevention Closed loop control of high-speed watermark photo registration. They cooperated with each other in a tacit understanding, and worked round the clock to achieve a record of Zero Vehicle rejection, providing a strong guarantee for the continuous closed production of the Shanghai factory!


In order to meet the needs of customers, our customer service personnel have also tried their best to strive for every possible opportunity. Due to the serious delay in the shipping schedule of Shanghai port and the latest shipping schedule stipulated in the Bangladesh order letter of credit, according to the emergency plan formulated by the Department, after comparing several schemes from several neighboring ports such as Ningbo port, Lianyungang port and Taicang port, the barge is selected to be loaded from the inland port of Zhangjiagang and the barge bill of lading is issued to meet the time limit of shipment. Before the loading date, Zhangjiagang suddenly issued a closure notice, limiting the entry of foreign vehicles in some areas. The local drivers and local license plates of Zhangjiagang were urgently assigned to complete the transportation task. After two days of negotiation and exploration, the transportation route was finally loaded into the port, boarded the barge, and set sail at Shanghai port. As Shanghai Express does not communicate, the original bill of lading is first mailed from Zhangjiagang to Nantong, and then brought to the Shanghai factory by the logistics truck. The staff stationed in the factory help print other documents and arrange the collection card to send the documents to the bank.

During the period of closure and control, the Customs personnel were unable to arrive at the scene to supervise the loading, and they always did not agree to the shipment of our Algerian commodity inspection order. After constant negotiation and petition by the foreign trade sales management department, the customs finally decided to adopt the form of video conference. Many people from the customs monitored the loading by video. NAR became the first company in Shanghai Customs to adopt remote loading supervision. There are many cases that do not give up easily. Every ordinary little thing will become extremely difficult during the period of closure, but NAR people have used their own will to smooth every rough.


Hard work, unity and mutual assistance

Selfless dedication!

In order to achieve the goal of "ensuring that the two places do not stop production" during the epidemic period, the departments worked together. The finished products are out of stock, the logistics tries to find a way, the raw materials are not delivered in time to adjust the production plan, and the sales adjust the production according to the target, and then follow the arrival of the raw materials. They have gone through countless days and nights, and they never complain. In addition to internal work, he has also done many touching deeds of helping others: Handling passes for logistics suppliers, assisting suppliers to handle return to work and production permits, sharing logistics resources with general water purification company, providing living convenience for truck drivers to handle passes, and participating in the anti epidemic volunteer team. He has won high praise from the outside world.


In order to effectively control the product quality, the 6 workers led by Li Haifang of the quality control department need to complete the work tasks of 14 normal people such as raw material testing, 2 workshop patrol inspection, spray painting and finished product testing. The overall work intensity is very strong! No matter when they get up and eat, they start to work. In order not to affect the work of the next day, they work overtime without complaining and help each other to complete the work of the day. During the whole epidemic period, the quality control department did not affect the production progress, nor did it have major quality problems. The spirit of the employees, regardless of personal gains and losses, and the spirit of unity and hard work, are worth sharing and learning


The most difficult thing is the logistics loading and unloading personnel of the factories in the two places. The shipment task in the second half of each month is concentrated, and it is necessary to complete 1.5 times the normal shipment. During the epidemic period, it is impossible to find foreign assistance, and many employees are close to the limit of their physical strength. In order to meet the epidemic prevention requirements, employees of Nantong factory need to wear protective clothing for work. The hot and humid protective equipment increases the physical burden of employees. All of these were noticed. Therefore, other workshops and functional cadres in the two places spontaneously helped the logistics to unload the packaging materials, and the production staff supported across the workshops. When the delivery volume of the warehouse was high, the workshop staff used the rest time to help the logistics to load the containers and relieve the logistics pressure. When living materials are in short supply, everyone also searches for purchasing channels and tries to move vegetables to the greenhouses together. Everyone has done what is needed. No one has questioned the arrangement of the competent cadres. The only thing is to prove that we are a collective and work together.


Persevere and overcome all difficulties

Achievements: fight the epidemic and grasp it; time waits for no man

In the face of the fierce and unprepared epidemic, NAR people did not wait in anxiety. Instead, they chose to take the initiative to attack. Under the pressure of "no one in the company is infected and no production stops for a day", they chose to work in the factory and work at home to actively participate in the fight against the epidemic. They would follow up the production material scheduling arrangement, report the latest epidemic situation, and implement control measures every day, And jointly build a strong dam to fight the epidemic.

The employees who stick to their posts because of the closed management in the plant area are busy at work during the day, and sleep on the ground and sleep in the shop at night. The missing of their relatives can only be comforted through WeChat video in their spare time. Home office workers remotely operate computers, log in to the system, settle transactions and complete orders. On the empty workstation, it is like sitting invisible people. No matter what the wind or rain, NAR people never stop practicing their commitment to customers.

In the first half of 2022, the operating revenue of NAR headquarters increased by 17.23% year-on-year, the gross profit increased by 85.83% year-on-year, the operating net profit doubled year-on-year, and the sales proportion of key products increased significantly year-on-year, achieving "profit growth > sales revenue growth, sales revenue growth > sales volume growth". No one would have thought that our work and life rhythm has become so busy and full, so ordinary and great because of the crazy epidemic.


The Shanghai epidemic is a high school entrance examination for NAR. Although there are many difficulties, the methods can be varied. Persistence is victory. We NAR people have always understood the general situation, considered the overall situation, stressed dedication and took responsibility. Many of the work modes and NAR spirit inspired by the participation of all staff during the epidemic are worth summarizing and inheriting. In the face of uncertain changes, social fluctuations and crisis challenges in the future, "NAR power" has become our weapon to win and support NAR to sail in the waves!

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