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NAR industrial Co., Ltd--Changshu Institute of Technology Enterprise Cooperation and Exchange Conference has come to a successful conclusion

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On October 18, 2023, Jiang Jianmin, the President of Changshu Institute of Technology, Ni Chunhu, the Director of Student Affairs Office, and other leaders from the university visited NAR and participated in the "Visiting Enterprises and Expanding Positions" employment promotion school enterprise cooperation exchange meeting. Chairman You Aiguo and CEO Yang Jiantang also attended the meeting.


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Chairman You first extended a warm welcome to President Jiang Jianmin and his delegation on behalf of NAR Group. Subsequently, President Assistant Xia Xuewu introduced the development process and current situation of NAR Group to the attending school leaders. Wang Yufeng, the head of the Technology Research and Development Center and a professor at Changshu Institute of Technology, reported in detail on the experience and achievements of NAR Group's five-year cooperation with Changshu Institute of Technology. Under the joint witness of both parties, NAR Co., Ltd. and Changshu Institute of Technology signed a joint construction agreement for the Functional Materials Collaborative Innovation Research Institute and a joint construction employment base agreement, and held a licensing ceremony.

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Since 2018, NAR and Changshu Institute of Technology have engaged in comprehensive cooperation on talent cultivation, promoting exchanges and discussions through high-level mutual employment, professional and technical talent training and learning. Changshu Institute of Technology has repeatedly invited outstanding talents from NAR to give lectures and guidance to students, while also treating NAR as a designated internship base to help students gain a deeper understanding of society and better integrate textbook knowledge with work practice. NAR Group has also actively absorbed outstanding graduates from Changshu Institute of Technology and highly praised them. Among them, Du Penglin, a graduate of the School of Materials Engineering, joined NAR in 2018. After continuous efforts to learn and grow, he has now served as an assistant to the president and deputy general supervisor of the supply chain management center, playing a good role model and benchmark

The leaders of both schools and enterprises expressed full recognition for the promotion and achievements of the current cooperation, and expressed sincere gratitude for the support and assistance provided by each other. Chairman You stated that Changshu Institute of Technology has a beautiful environment, strong faculty, and excellent student quality, making it an oasis discovered by NAR during its exploration of school enterprise cooperation. Future cooperation should be more in-depth on campus, closely integrated with students' curriculum arrangements and practical needs, and implemented through the establishment of special training plans and joint cooperative classes.


President Jiang pointed out that NAR has provided a new approach for the professional setting of Changshu Institute of Technology, which is a correct concept that combines theory with practice. Promoting the construction of intellectual property rights is also one of the key tasks for school enterprise cooperation in the future. By creating core patents and high conversion research projects, we can improve our theoretical level and research technology. President Jiang also emphasized that the joint construction of the Innovation Research Institute by both parties through funding and talent is an important support for the talent cultivation and team building of Changshu Institute of Technology. He believes that in the future, we can work together with NAR Group to create greater social value


As a win-win cooperation platform for school enterprise science and technology innovation, NAR -Changshu Institute of Functional Materials Collaborative Innovation is an important guarantee for NAR to achieve its vision of "empowering students based on technology and creating a better living space". It is also a perfect embodiment of NAR people's promotion of student development and employment, and demonstration of corporate social responsibility. I believe that the Future Innovation Research Institute can become a bridgehead for innovative development, leading new trends and ideas in the industry, providing new development models for school enterprise cooperation in more professional fields, and setting new benchmarks.

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