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NAR improves the overall quality management system

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-14      Origin: Site

2018 is NAR's "management improvement" year. In this year, the company continuously upgraded its management mode, especially in terms of quality. 

On July 4, NAR invited consulting management company from Beijing to conduct TQM (total quality management) training, which covers all core personnel of the company. In terms of quality, the company insists on strict control of product quality and continuously improves the management level of production site.

On the day of training, under the leadership of President Ma Jiji, all staff actively participated in training activities, such as on-site Q & A, case practice, group PK, etc., which improved the enthusiasm and learning of employees. The training instructor shall carry out the training from the actual practice (production site), so as to make the quality management deep into the hearts of the whole staff. Quality is not just a slogan, but a constant implementation and improvement. The essence of total quality management is continuous improvement, the means is full participation, the purpose is customer satisfaction, which is the real core value.

President Ma Jiji delivered a speech ↑

After the training, the improvement project was reported on August 3. All production workshops and departments shall apply for improvement projects according to the learning contents. After approved by President Ma Jiji, 17 improvement projects were reported on that day. The content of the report always revolves around the topic of quality, and the most important point is that the person reporting this time is not the department leader, but the staff working on the front line. The theme of "full participation" is thus embodied. From the results reported by each department, we can see the company's achievements in improving quality. At the same time, clear the determination of continuous project improvement. In the future, it will check whether the maintenance and continuous improvement work is carried out every 1-2 months. Continuous improvement is the core of quality management.

Bai Jiajia, the monitor of the slitting workshop ↑

Continuous improvement and improvement of management level 

"Continuous improvement" is the essence of "total quality management". All departments will actively bring the project into daily work, achieve real continuous improvement, and accumulate to form standardized management. Only by continuous improvement and PDCA can an enterprise make continuous progress and breakthrough to reach the industry leading level. 

Quality Control Department Manager Cheng Haisheng speaks ↑

Participation of all staff and enhancement of quality awareness 

In the whole reporting process, each department member introduces their own achievements. Although some projects are very small, the active participation of employees has promoted everyone to understand the importance of quality. Only stable quality can occupy the leading position in the market. Only with the participation of all staff can the product quality be done well. Quality is not the work of a department or a person, but the implementation from top to bottom. Only through every link can the logistics support for quality be done well.

Improve quality and meet customer needs 

The improvement of quality lies in continuous improvement. Customers verify the product quality. Only continuous improvement can meet customers' needs. Due to the active participation of all departments, the improvement of this project has brought great impact and breakthrough. In the future, NAR will continue to improve its quality, meet customer needs and exceed customer expectations. 

NAR will continue to deepen the overall quality management, comprehensively improve product quality, and pursue the industry leading level. We are confident that NAR will give the market a new quality level in 2018.

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