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NAR appears in 2023 Future Print exhibition

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-07-18      Origin: Site

From July 12th to 15th, 2023, Future Print was held as scheduled in Paulo, Brazil. NAR debuted at this exhibition with its excellent products.

In this exhibition that radiates to Brazil and the entire South America, NAR showcased a diverse range of products and technical capabilities to industry audiences. Its high-end self adhesive material brand "INFLEX", with its excellent quality and good brand image, shone brightly at the exhibition. Among them, the three-year period was super transparent, and the performance of container car stickers was excellent, winning the favor of many users.



NAR has a vision of "empowering technology and creating a beautiful living space", and the "Environmental Protection Series" designs products based on this concept. This series uses non PVC materials, ensuring a good user experience while also contributing to green environmental protection. In addition, the introduction of decorative material series, such as wood grain stickers, has also attracted the attention of many professionals.

During the exhibition, NAR team always talked with every visitor with the fullest enthusiasm and rigorous attitude, explained the products in detail, and with high-quality and diversified products as the entry point to deeply communicate with the industry elites on site about the future development direction of industry technology and market.

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With the development of the times and changes in market demand, NAR will continue to pursue technological breakthroughs, face opportunities and challenges head-on, and live up to the recognition and expectations of its partners and users for NAR . NAR people will continue to innovate, promote their own development with excellent quality, and practice the vision of "based on technology empowerment, creating a better living space".

The 2023 Future Print has come to an end, but the pace of NAR people's progress will not stop, and the excitement continues. Thank you to all friends who have followed NAR. Looking forward to meeting you again!

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