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NAR PPF exchange meeting was held in Changsha successfully

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-10-15      Origin: Site

On September 25, 2019,  PPF brand paint protection film exchange meeting was held in Changsha. The dealers and elites of the same industry in Hunan Province exchanged in-depth discussions on the quality advantages of PPF paint protective film and the market situation of paint protective film.

 Liu Jichao, executive general manager of PPF Business Department of NAR, takes NAR Industrial Co., Ltd. as the starting point, expounds the strong industrial chain and production strength of NAR., which can truly guarantee the production and sales of high-quality paint protective film.

Speech by general manager Liu Jichao of PPF business department ↑

Chen Hang, the sales manager, gives a detailed description of PPF brand history, product characteristics, marketing policy and agent operation strategy. Wang Yufeng, general manager of the technology research and development center of NAR., elaborated the advanced technology and excellent product quality of PPF paint protective film from the technical level.

Speech by Chen Hang, sales manager of PPF business department ↑

Speech by Wang Yufeng, general manager of technology R & D Center ↑

Subsequently, agents from all regions shared their industry experience, which led to a warm discussion and exchange, and the questions raised by the participants were answered one by one.

Experience exchange among dealers' representatives ↑

 NAR will treat "PPF" as the core brand of, and will continue to bring high-quality products to painting protective film industry. At the same time, it will realize the new provincial operation mode of "system software, product standards, stable innovation", and help the development of the industry, and join hands with colleagues in same industry to create a new future.

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