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Management: on Standardization

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-08-27      Origin: Site

As the saying goes, "Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards". We should have certain rules for everything. If there is no standard and everything is at will, the expected effect cannot be achieved.


In 2018, "standardization" once again became a hot word of the company. At the beginning of the new year, the company began to reshape production process standards, equipment temperature control standards, raw material arrival standards, finished product testing standards, glue adhesive standards, product starting standards, etc. In order to achieve a common goal, that is, the company should move towards "standardization and scale", give full play to the advantages of the whole industrial chain, and improve the competitiveness of the company. At the beginning, many colleagues didn't understand, even had a certain wait-and-see attitude. They all thought these things were "important but not urgent". Others could be strict but I could be accommodative and special. I really have problems. If I don't speak, I will complain. In fact, strict standardization is the only way for the company to "remove poison and heal wounds" and stride to a larger stage.


At the end of June, I had the honor to visit Guangming dairy (originated in 1911, after more than 100 years of development, it has become a large state-owned joint-stock listed company with annual sales of 21.7 billion yuan) East China Central factory. It is the world's largest dairy monomer factory, deeply impressed by their safety standardization, process standardization, testing standardization and other implementation and management standards. The first sentence when I came back home and talked with my family was, "bright milk, absolutely safe, safe to eat!"

Maybe you have doubts. Did you listen to their training and get brainwashed? Or drink a few bottles of yogurt guilty? What makes me have this deep exclamation? 

That is "standardization". Guangming dairy East China Center factory has 62 production lines, with a daily output of 2600 tons, including 1200 tons of yoghurt, 700 tons of pasteurized milk, 700 tons of UHT milk, and an annual output of 600000 tons. However, there are no more than 100 kinds of dairy products (including multiple flavors) shown to us on site, which needs no explanation. This is the best result of standardization. Now I will talk about standardization in two aspects: 

Standardization is efficiency 

The development of the company is phased, the initial company is small, so survival is the most important. As long as there is an order, we will find a way to complete it and operate it flexibly. After entering the era of 2.0, in order to ensure the full release of equipment capacity, 80% of production and behavior standardization, and the remaining 20% is also solved through human relationship. Under the premise of full competition and relatively weak gross profit, if there is no "standardized" operation, then the capacity of our high-speed production equipment It can not be fully released and can not form a "large-scale" effect. 

Therefore, the standardization of MOQ is particularly important. Its significance lies in that it can not only relieve the pressure of business order received, but also help to improve production efficiency. Production cannot always be shut down and refueled. As we all know, the high-speed machine of our company has a high working efficiency. Therefore, only stopping the machine to receive paper, changing film and other operations will cause a loss of production time of up to 30 minutes. If we can save time every day and produce hundreds thousands of meters more products every year, standardization is the only shortcut to efficiency

Standardization is quality 

Product quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, which will be emphasized and highlighted by any enterprise. Bright Dairy's annual output is so large, because the production strictly in accordance with the process standardization, and advanced equipment, continuous production, always maintain the best state, will output better dairy products.

We have analyzed the company's product complaints before, and nearly 50% of the complaints in one year's complaint orders are caused by small orders. Even though there will be a corresponding merger in production, due to the particularity of the delivery date, it is impossible to cover all aspects. When the order is changed, the equipment needs to be shut down, and when it is restarted, the corresponding commissioning (temperature, glue thickness, etc.) needs to be adjusted. before the equipment is really stable, the order has already ended. 

Although this behavior will not cause 100% problems in order products, it will greatly increase the probability of problems. The optimization of the initial order quantity of products is just to gradually take the road of "the reduction of bulk raw materials, the preparation of special raw materials, and the customer system leading to the standard", so as to make the enterprise move forward to the "standardization". 

Standardization means replicability, then scale, and full scale is the basis of brand achievement. NAR's development has entered a new stage, and all of us must have a "empty cup" mentality, study hard and pursue higher goals. Quoted what Chairman You once said that "all the past is the preface". Let's start from "standardization", actively arm our mind, and "walk in step" with the company! 

Author: Wu Zhen, president assistant and product manager

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