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MES barcode system Helifinal Digital and then last floor

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Since the release of the finished barcode project in August 2019, our company has a qualitative leap in the delivery speed and accuracy of the finished product, which significantly improves the operational efficiency of finished logistics operations. On this basis, continue to expand the company's digitization, implement bar code management of raw materials, semi-finished products, and improve the overall production system operation efficiency, and decide to advance MES barcode projects. After 4 months, on August 9, 2020, the MES (manufacturing execution management system) bar code system successfully launched.


MES barcode system use training ↑

A two-dimensional code is a material ID card. Through the AI ​​algorithm, cloud computing, IOT technology can improve the operational capacity of Nar Company. First, the system improves the retrospective ability of Nar's entire value chain, which can be traced back from finished products to raw materials, which can be traced back Each process is produced; secondly, the logistics capabilities of Naar Factory are significantly improved, using large data algorithms, simplify the transportation route of the factory area, optimize the storage shelves and logistics and facilities, and ensure efficient and effective operation of the logistics supply chain of the plant; third will produce The logistics information is real-time, and the problem can be found in real time, solve the problem, so strongly guarantees the company's product delivery.


Mes barcode system factory

Digital is the future development trend of manufacturing enterprises. The MES barcode system is an important role in the digital evolution process. It plays an important role in product tracking, quality assurance, efficient logistics, and cost reduction. With the success of the MES barcode system, we mark our company on the digital road.

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