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Lull shares in 2021 semi-annual business analysis will come to an end

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On July 24, 2021, Narr Shares held in the first half of the year of 2021, held at the headquarters of Nar. This business analysis meeting has changed the form of calendar years, emphasizing team participation, focusing issues, conversion actions, summarizing the operations, development issues, and improvement programs in the first half of the year, and more detailed explanation of the development goals and plans in the second half of the year . A new form of new forms and new weather have been well result.

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Departmental communication

The meeting is first carried out by more than 20 compensation from performance situations, problems, improvements, and programs such as marketing, technology research and development, quality management, production operation, logistics delivery, etc. The concise report, summarizing the results of the first half of the year and team operations, and the solutions and plans of the assessment.

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The department cadres and employees of this participation are divided into 8 groups with \"production-supply-sales-support \". Ma Ji President's case in the past six months, from the small things to guide the whole staff, learn how to ask questions, \"What kind of duties is unclear? Which approval processes are complicated? Which matters are not well coordinated communication, influence Work efficiency? \"The three types of questions question, and the on-site is a warm discussion. The groups in depth in depth, the deepening causes and influences, and propose feasible solutions, and individuals and companies that participated in the participation have been full of gains.

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Conference summary

Yang Jiantang, the executive president, pointed out that in the case of rising raw materials, Nal Shares have achieved good results through the timely strategic adjustment and the struggle of all personnel. At the same time, he also faced the problems in the operation of the company in the first half of the year, analyzed, and deployed the focus of the second half of the year from the aspects of organizational architecture, talent system, product system.

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The chairman of the pavilion first affirmed the achievements of the first half of the year, and progress towards financial management, lean production, etc. are fully affirmed. At the same time, he emphasizes that the current phase should further enhance the tissue efficiency, go out of comfort, and actively facing the company's strategic goal, take the initiative to explore the market, solve problems; facing problems, formulate programs, establish standards, and have chapters Cycle, there is a good defense; continue to promote the efficiency of this, improve the tissue efficiency, and adhere to the optimization of the product structure. Future Nar will face more challenges, \"The era can not change, but you can change yourself\", only the colleagues work together, create a strong team, change and improve yourself, to higher goals, more Strong technology advances.

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Through this semi-annual business analysis meeting, Nares has a comprehensive, deeper understanding and sentiment in the company's strategic objectives, future development planning, and team building. On July 26th, the management team managed to implement the needs of each department and the implementation of the resolution of this meeting. Under the joint efforts of Narley Tongren, Narli will go to a better tomorrow!

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