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Loop Technology completed ten million Angel round financing and introduced strategic partners

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-04-18      Origin: Site

On April 17, Huier fund, initiated by NAR and Huiyan capital, invested in Loop technology, which will jointly build the first online Internet platform directly connecting credit business and financing customers in China, boost the credit industry to take off in the era of big data credit investigation, comprehensively improve the service ability and service level of China's credit industry, and better meet the increasing credit demand of customers Diversified and personalized service needs. Jiang Dejin, founder and CEO of Loop technology, Wang Chao, co-founder of Loop technology, Wang Shuming, vice chairman of NAR, Chen Ranfang, founder of Insight capital, pan Zhong, Lu Naijiang and Chen Yibo, partners attended the signing ceremony.

Wang Chao (left) on behalf of Loop Technology and Pan zhong (right) on behalf of Huier Fund are signing contract

Founded in 2017 in Shanghai, Loop technology has broken the traditional credit business mode, compared with Wechat and QQ in the communication industry, 58 in the information classification industry, and integrated upstream, middle and downstream resources in the industry. Baihe data, one of its big data products, has nearly 200 risk control products, serves more than 300 cities nationwide and provides the most convenient and high-quality services for 50 million users. In addition, the functions of regional chat room, friend instant messaging, movements, on line meeting, online report and order grabbing are all committed to building a "new business circle ecological chain" for the credit industry. 

Chairman Xi Jinping once said: "to win the battle to prevent and resolve major risks, we must enhance awareness of risk prevention and control, improve risk prevention and control capabilities, and prevent and resolve risks in priority areas." Baihe data integrates resources based on various big data credit platforms, providing users with housing price evaluation, national vehicle mortgage, vehicle price, maintenance and insurance in more than 300 cities across the country , vehicle condition evaluation, customer personal credit, network credit, personal and enterprise justice, loan track, central bank anti fraud analysis, dishonest executor, blacklist, and customer social, overnight, online shopping and other big data query services, and provide professional services for customers by combining the user's mobile phone authorization positioning, data analysis, consumer behavior, model development, product design . secure Internet risk control technology services.

Wang Shuming, vice chairman of NAR Industrial Co., Ltd

Wang Shuming, co-founder of NAR, said: "One family doesn't speak two words, in the future, we will be the strongest backing of Loop Technology and work together to plan and meet the challenges."

The picture shows Jiang Dejin, CEO of quanxun Technology

With the greatest sincerity, circle technology will wholeheartedly improve its service ability and comprehensive strength," said Jiang Dejin, founder of circle technology. "Let's work together to build circle technology into a well-known enterprise in the whole industry, the whole country and the world."

Taking this investment as an opportunity, circle news technology will accelerate the establishment of new systems, gather new teams and achieve new goals; accelerate the implementation of national promotion strategy, boldly innovate and change, improve the level of information service, and provide safe and high-quality services for more financing customers, credit elites and financial institutions.

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