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Lean management starts,The pace of self-improvement never stops

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-28      Origin: Site

On August 26, NAR's "lean management Phase I project kick-off meeting" was held in NAR, Shanghai, marking the formal implementation of "lean management" in NAR group.

2020 is destined to go down in history. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has brought challenges from both domestic and foreign countries. Under the impact of the storm, NAR people not only did not give up, but regarded the crisis as an opportunity and difficulties as an opportunity for self-improvement. In the face of difficulties, we should constantly examine ourselves, affirm our advantages and admit the existence of defects. In order to further consolidate the foundation, after several investigations, the "lean management" project, which was fully prepared from the beginning of the year, was officially launched.

This project covers every link of the company's operation, from sales to logistics, to equipment management, without exception. Led by the lean management team composed of President Ma Jiji, vice president Tao Fusheng and vice president Shen Weifeng, we lead the "promotion group", "delivery group" and "quality group" composed of key personnel of each department to promote and implement the project, focus on improving the company's delivery ability, stabilizing product quality and improving customer satisfaction!

At the meeting, President Ma Jiji made a speech, requesting the Advisory Group to open up "hands and feet" to promote; the promotion group established the model, formed the standard, and the project was clear; the implementation group should learn to apply, establish learning and conduct, and achieve the goal. Starting from the details, improve the efficiency of each link and essentially improve the mode and method of production organization.

Speech by President Ma Jiji

Then, the consultant representative Zhu Chengbai made a speech, including Tao Fusheng, vice president of the delivery center, Wu Zhen, director of the product department and assistant to the general manager of the promotion group, and Liu Song, the director of the production and operation center of the implementation group, said that they would implement every measure of lean management in place, realize the advanced production mode and enhance the core competitiveness

At the end of the meeting, all project personnel swore to carry out lean management to the end, continuously promote lean production, and practice it to ensure the optimization of promotion effect.

Oath of all staff

No matter what circumstances are, NAR people will continue to work hard to improve themselves, implement lean and meticulous, and create an advanced production mode that adapts to the development of society and market. While becoming the benchmark of the industry, NAR will also become the most reliable partner and the most reliable companion of all NAR people!

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