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Leaders of Fengcheng Municipal Party Committee of Jiangxi Province Visited NAR to Promote the Jiangxi Factory Project

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-24      Origin: Site

Recently, Secretary Xu Jieqiang of Fengcheng Municipal Party Committee of Jiangxi Province, together with relevant leaders from Fengcheng Municipal Party Committee, High-tech Zone, and Commerce Bureau, visited NAR Co., Ltd. to investigate and guide the progress of NAR Jiangxi Factory project.


Chairman You Aiguo introduced the project progress, production time, and production target of Fengcheng NAR in detail to Secretary Xu Jieqiang and other leaders. At the same time, he also proposed the next step of the project plan, comprehensively promoting the manufacturing and implementation of the entire industrial chain of digital printing materials, and striving for local economic development. Secretary Xu highly praised the smooth progress of the trial production and the active solution to the employment demand issue, and fully supported Fengcheng NAR’s work, providing necessary assistance in energy use, plant construction, and public convenient services, to ensure that the landing industry blooms and bears fruit.


Fengcheng NAR Technology Group is a key link in NAR's exploration of digital production and sustainable development. It is now in the factory trial stage and is expected to be fully put into production in the near future. At that time, it will become a large-scale intelligent production and operation center focusing on digital new materials, electronic functional films, and new energy functional materials. Since the commencement of construction, Fengcheng NAR has always been on the right path of rapid development, inseparable from the support of Fengcheng NAR's leadership departments and the hard work of NAR people. Jiangxi Fengcheng NAR will build a green energy-saving factory with high standards and strict requirements, actively promote the transformation and upgrading of NAR to intelligent manufacturing, and assist in the development of the next 20 years.

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