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Keep improving! Lean production phase I QCC project PK competition successfully completed - Shanghai NAR Industrial Co., Ltd

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-13      Origin: Site

On April 13, 2021, the PK competition of the first phase QCC project of NAR lean production was held in NAR, Shanghai. A total of 13 improvement teams reported

NAR people always take improving management efficiency and production quality as the goal, keep improving and continuous improvement as the core. They not only excavate the deep reasons for the current situation, put forward solutions, but also explore the space for improvement and efficiency. More than ten problems have been solved and improved.


Each project promotion group reported one after another, covering procurement, production process, inventory efficiency, delivery efficiency and other aspects, and many improvement projects were unanimously affirmed.

In each project, "Reducing the interval time of self adhesive lines changing " has an excellent performance. It not only has a clear thinking for the existing problems, focuses on the key problems, but also shows the solutions and the implementation effect.


Li Fei's report on the project of "Reduce the Gumming Change Line Time"↑

Shi Shaoqiu made a project report on "Improving IFlex Production Capacity". From the perspective of improving the efficiency of high-scoring and cutting packaging, the report accurately counted the time consuming of each process link, analyzed the causes and proposed effective solutions and their implementation.


Shi Shaoqiu's report on the project of "improving the production capacity of INFLEX ↑

The team represented by Zhang Jiaying, with the title of "improving the stability of product properties in the production process", put forward the process improvement methods for the production process of gum coating, and carried out the verification and implementation.


Zhang Jiaying's report on the project of "improving the stability of production process" ↑

  In the process of promoting the improvement project, they are also growing, not only learning the methods and tools of analyzing problems, but also creating benefits for the team.    

4 5

6 7

8 9

10 11

At last, Ma Jiji, President of NAR, made a brief speech. He affirmed the implementation results of the existing improvement projects and expected that "continuous improvement" would become the work habit of all employees and continue to promote in the work.


President Ma Jiji's giving speech ↑

As a manufacturing enterprise, NAR always insists on constantly promoting the improvement of production and manufacturing. Lean production promotion is long-term and continuous, "improvement everywhere", good at finding problems, learn to use tools to dig deep into the causes of problems and solve problems in time“ There is no end to improvement ", always pay attention to and find space for improvement, find ways to improve. This concept has been rooted in every NAR people's daily work, and will bring more benefits to the market and partners with their own improvement

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