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INFLEX's iconic product IV2000 on show now !

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-09-10      Origin: Site

After years of hard work by NAR's team, the INFLEX brand has been upgraded comprehensively. It is based on many high-quality products, through in-depth research and development and successful breeding of high-quality products from China. "Craftsmanship makes excellent products", which has been following by NAR for many years, finally makes INFLEX a provider of high-quality adhesive products. 

At present, INFLEX series have three categories, including stickers, one-way vison and cold lamination, with a total of 11 products. Each kind has both polymeric and monomeric film to meet different users’ needs. 

Here, first of all, I'd like to introduce the iconic product of self adhesive series - IV2000 high color rendering, transparent adhesive vinyl. 

This product has been widely used and recognized by professionals all over the world. 

IV2000 application cases:

2018 Sign C Next, Xiaobian will continue to introduce the products of inflex series for you. Please keep your attention! If you want to see the real thing, welcome to stand w2c36 of Shanghai sign China in September, and look forward to your coming. hina.

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