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INFLEX is here to meet you on Shanghai Sign China

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-09-10      Origin: Site

In 2018, sign China will again open in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

In this exhibition, NAR will participate with the newly upgraded INFLEX products

INFLEX will be on show

· Suitable for all kinds of substrates 

· With Reach certification 

· Excellent performance in various types of inkjet equipment 

· Good terminal experience

"Craftsmanship makes excellent products"

In order to realize the promise of "high quality back glue products", since the beginning of the establishment of the brand, we always adhere to the same ingenuity. After 10 years of accumulation, this year, the INFLEX brand has achieved a leap. 

NAR deeply studies and analyzes the advertising mark market and products, and explores new user needs. For this reason, NAR team absorbs the advantages of many other similar products, carefully selects and organizes excellent talents in the industry, and conducts targeted in-depth development. 

NAR selects high-quality raw materials from all over the world, and selects the excellent ones that can meet the needs of users as the partners of INFLEX raw materials. In order to achieve the "same quality in the world" of this series of products, the European quality standards are adopted, the packaging and transportation are optimized, and the high-quality gum products are delivered to the end users with the high quality. 

Our stand

This year, the high-quality back glue product brand of NAR , inflex, will appear with a new image.

This is our stand 

Product layout 

The stand will be divided into different areas, 

Targeted display of different products, 

You can find the products you need according to the figure below.

Product layout 

Find us 

Shanghai New International Expo Center 


2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 

Sign China 

2018.9.19 ~ 21

Next, we will continue to bring you the latest developments. Please keep your eyes on the official account.

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