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“Happy sports, healthy everyone” the 10th sports meeting of NAR ended successfully  

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-10      Origin: Site

On November 7, 2020, the 10th NAR sports meeting with the theme of "Happy sports, Healthy you and me" opened.


As a tradition of NAR, it has been held for 10 years. This year's epidemic situation has strengthened NAR people's belief in persisting in exercise and improving their physical fitness and teamwork. 

Chairman You Aiguo announces the opening of the meeting

A total of 338 people participated in the meeting. Due to the limitation of venues, there are three venues. Table tennis, badminton, tug of war, chess, billiards and so on, 14 events were held in three venues, more interesting and competitive. During the period, more laughter was brought to the players and the audience. 

Among the events ,the tug of war pushed the whole games to a climax. The technology R & D team and the marketing center team played an extraordinary role. The technology R & D team created the best performance in history and became the second runner up of the project. Baina logistics team is firmly in the championship, and NAR logistics has become the second runner up.

At the end of the competition, general manager, Ma Jiji, announced the list of winners. In the competition, the outstanding players and teams stepped onto the stage to accept awards.

The 10th National Games of NAR ended in cheers. NAR people's spirit of unity and hard work is fully demonstrated in interesting and competitive events. Next year, we will get together again on the green field, enjoy sports, sweat and work together with our teammates!

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