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Growing Us—— 20th Anniversary and New Year Greetings

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Growing Us

20th Anniversary and New Year Greetings

Mr. Aiguo You, President

NAR was first established on December 28, 2002, from trade to industry. From domestic market to overseas market, it has been 20 years since then. Looking back on the past, I have more to say in my heart.


At the beginning of the business, we several partners thought about how to survive at the moment without thinking about how far we could go, and did not have high expectations, so that it would be good enough to earn some money to support the family. And the opportunity began emerging in the cultivation. Since we saved up enough capital to set up factories to produce our own products, unknowingly it has been through 20 full years. Today, NAR has Shanghai, Nantong, Jiangxi, Thailand, Dongguan five production bases, more than 800 employees. The main products in the domestic longer period occupy the head position, and business distributes throughout nearly 100 countries and regions in the world.

This is 20 years of passion. We have been through a lot of storms in the past 20 years, and the external ups and downs and internal difficulties we encountered are still vivid in our minds: the transformation from wholesale and retail industry to manufacturing industry from 2006 to 2007, the financial crisis in 2008, the several ups and downs of IPO declaring from 2010 to 2016, the pain of the pan-diversification tranformation from 2017 to 2018 and the COVID-19 epidemic from 2020 to 2022. Time and time again, in the face of hardships and obstacles, we have been sticking to our style of acting with care, caution, hard work and prudence. Especially in the past two years, we have focused on the main idea of "reducing costs and increasing efficiency, optimizing product structure and improving organizational effectiveness", and we have been working hard to improve the overall operational efficiency of the company. All along the way, relying on the joint efforts of everyone and the love of all parties, all achievements can not be achieved without the contribution and dedication of each Nar people.

This is 20 years of hard work. We have been thinking diligently in the past 20 years, acted nicely and courageously, so that the business credo of "with service in heart, the world will lay trust" can go along with the growth of NAR.


Based on precision coating technology, NAR is a manufacturer that has been deeply engaged in the research and development of digital printing materials, automotive paint protection film, electronic functional film and other coating field products. Our vision is "to create a better living space based on technology empowerment", and our mission is "to be a small but beautiful enterprise for a hundred years by satisfying customers with genuine products at good prices".

20 years old is already an adult, but the young NAR is not strong enough, he needs to strengthen himself. Looking backward, looking foreward, NAR people have accumulated six growth experience, also as a guide to future business.


Adhere to long-termism

Strategically we adhere to long-termism, adhere to specialize in the main business. For 20 years, Nar people have never been blinded by the immediate interests, and are not afraid of floating clouds covering eyes; with also many opportunities and temptations, we do not blindly follow the diversification and do not chaotically cross border. We always adhere to the original intention, remain determined, and deep plow our main business, which therefore, has made NAR of today.


Precision cultivation

Tactically, we work hard and forge ourselves. We forge hard fortresses, fight dull battles. We improve ourselves in market development, product development, manufacturing, quality and supply chain management , from the staff quality, business skills and other aspects of continuous training. Through the standard sorting and rebuilding, standardizing operational processes, improving operational efficiency and perseverance in the implementation of the promotion, NAR is titled the ability to be a hard-fighting team.


Keeping up with the times

Keeping pace with the times and constantly promoting management revolution through advanced technology means. NAR has always upheld the management mindset of being pragmatic and pursuing the best, constantly improving the cost performance of products and the comprehensive competitive strength of enterprises. Whether it is product innovation and iteration, or promoting digital management of production and operation, our company has continued to expand the investment in various technological breakthroughs and management innovation since its establishment, allowing informationization and digitalization to penetrate into each of our management links, and gradually reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency by significantly improving accuracy.


Hundred years of cultivating people

A hundred years of cultivating people, focus on talent training and progress, to create a good career development platform for employees. To establish a set of effective staff training system, requires not only investing in hardware, but also focusing on the comprehensive improvement of construction and the training of staff’s will quality, and making great efforts in business skills improvement. For the incentive policy, we should tilt to employees from various aspects such as assessment, treatment and equity incentive to form a virtuous cycle system, forging the team and continuously improving the comprehensive ability and cohesion of the company's employees. We focus on internal training, promote the rejuvenation of management cadres and strengthen the training of young employees. Over the years, the recruitment and training of management trainees have achieved good results and delivered many suitable talents for management positions.


Attaching importance to research and development investment

Attaching importance to research and development investment and planting innovation factors. Keeping in mind the vision of "creating a better living space based on technology empowerment", we will form a positive innovation trend of blossoming by investing in basic technology, building and cultivating research and development teams and establishing innovation institutes with relevant universities, so that innovation can be born from the combination of rich practical experience and solid professional theoretical knowledge, and provide a good technical environment for specializing and strengthening related fields, which will provide a good technical environment to strengthen the relevant fields.


Focus on the culture to continue

Focusing on the culture to continue, condensing corporate culture and providing a good cultural soil full of enthusiasm, integrity, tolerance and good service. The staff sports meeting has been held for 12 times, and various cultural and sports activities have been held continuously throughout the year, which greatly enriched the life of employees and enhanced mutual trust among colleagues. Warmth activities are held every year, so that every employee can feel the humanistic care and the company's gratitude to Nar people, the team who promote the fine traditional culture, pocessing cohesion with love and the ability of each-other-helping. At the same time when establishing a simple and efficient management structure, we focus on the team's will quality training, publicize and engouragethe spirit dare to face difficulties and fight hard. This down-to-earth, simple and unpretentious spirit of Nar people is the cornerstone of the company's development and growth.

The Future

NAR is not in an industry where we have achieved great things. We have to keep in mind that during the transformation from an excellent corporation to an outstanding corporation, there is no “magic moment”. The only path to success is clear thinking and determined action, not a "lightbulb moment".

The problems of the company are the opportunities of the employees; the problems of the market are the opportunities of the company. There is always an opportunity hidden in the problem. When thinking it’s all problems, when doing they all have answers.

“Follow the trend” is our future developing view. The future, for NAR people is a new experience, and we will face more hardship and suffering.

Expected things, without the best efforts often do not come; worrying things, if not well prepared, will certainly happen.

Success requires each of us to exclude all distractions, focus our energy on the most important things, and make every effort to achieve our goals. Successful people is not away from failure, but never give up.

Facing the future, only those that grow are safe. And those that make us uneasy will surely be the ones that push us to grow.

Things are born in thinking, completed in responsibility and failed in pride! Today we stand on a new starting point. Only by striving to seek truth and pragmatism, planning for a rainy day, always staying alert to put all matters into action and moving forward, can we live up to the past time. We look forward to working with all colleagues to meet the next wonderful 20 years of NAR.

- END -


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