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Great success! Inflex brand promotion ended successfully

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-19      Origin: Site

On September 16, the 2-day \"Infelx\" brand promotion will be held in Nar. Senior dealers from Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Nanjing, Hebei, Xi'an, Shandong have gathered together.

At the meeting, Inflex 2020 explosive products -\"2 years of treatment,2 years can be shifted? \"The IV2516 can be moved as a sticker, formally released. The product is tailored to commercial vehicle body for bus, using a 100Micron mask plus 160 g / m2 of the base paper. The selection of gray removable rubber ensures that it will greatly improve the construction of the upper and lower magazines while ensuring the cover. This product with ultra-high quality and cost performance has been favored by many provinces and municipal bus systems in the country this year.

With its excellent quality, and significant prospects, the product is sold to 6,000 volumes, and the Inflex brand agent is signed on site.


Bus advertising case ↑

As the high-end brand of Narr, Inflex is always committed to providing adhesive materials for users and markets. This promotion meeting, \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \"\" \" Just as the general manager of Shanghai Daihao Industrial Co., Ltd. said that Inflex has the advantages of other international brands. It not only has high-end brands should have excellent product quality, more powerful cost performance, but also Implement \"Customizable \", such comprehensive strength will will bring huge prospects for partners.

Group Vice President Yang Jiantang Introduction of Nar Shares

In addition to the quality advantage, English also launched the combination of \"Depth Synergy \" and \"Project Customization \". The British Feius team will conduct \"depth collaboration \" and close cooperation with all signing dealers.Work together to open up the marketJoint iteration and improve productDo close to users and common growth in real sense. At the same time, for users with special needs, the Yingfeius team will use \"project custom \" mode to customize product services for the project, provide personal technical support and after-sales technical maintenance, implementation \"I want customers what customers think, no The promise of the worries.

British Feilaies team and dealer explain the brand and product gene ↑

This promotion will not only officially release the Infelx annual explosive product, but also analyze the INFLEX brand growth and product genes. During the meeting, the dealers visited Nar Shares and Nantong Banner, in-depth understanding of the industrial layout and comprehensive strength of Nar Shares, and also had a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing process of the adhesive material.

Visit Nantong Banner

Production Operation Director Liu Song Details Product Production Process ↑

Finally, dealers went to the 2020 Shanghai Advertising Technology Exhibition. Inflex high quality brand image and product all-round field application show, once again amazing distributors, further consolidating the foundation of cooperation and enhancing confidence.

Visit Shanghai Advertising Show

The growth of Inflex is the results of the Narou Group for many years. As a high-end adhesive material brand, British Leece will be based on the belief of \"conscription casting boutique\", insisting on building high-quality products belonging to China, bringing truly value for the market, users, and partners. Future market!

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