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Future · expectation | "Stealth Armor" paint protection film first communication meeting successfully concluded

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On April 11, 2021, the first "Stealth Armor" brand communication meeting was solemnly held. As another brand of paint protective film of NAR, “Stealth Armor” not only ensures excellent use experience, but also gives consideration to economy. It has won a lot of praise among end users. Dozens of colleagues from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei region were invited to attend the meeting. Industry elites gathered together to understand the brand of "Stealth Armor" deeply, and face-to-face exchange of views on the future development of paint protection film market.


On the first day of the conference, under the leadership of Li Yuanbo, brand operation director of Stealth Armor a, and Cao Jinsheng, channel manager, customers visited NAR Shanghai exhibition hall, technology R & D center, and Nantong Baina production base. From the production management, quality control, corporate culture and other aspects, it directly shows the comprehensive strength of NAR , leaving a deep impression on the first visit guests.

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The next day, visitors gathered in Shanghai and the conference room was full. Liu Chao, executive general manager of decoration and functional materials division, delivered a speech for the meeting. From the perspective of market development and product planning, the whole industry chain operation mode from upstream to downstream of NAR vehicle paint protection film in the future was introduced.

Subsequently, Cao Jinsheng, channel manager, introduced the corporate culture, development history and product structure of vehicle paint protection film of NAR.

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Wang Yufeng, general manager of NAR technology R & D center, explained the core technology, structure and R & D strength of NAR products from the technical level, and answered the questions of customers one by one to solve their doubts.

Li Yuanbo, the marketing director of Stealth Armor, shared his experiences and experience with visitors on the theme of "positioning of Stealth Armour brand" and "how to do a good job in the market and achieve sales promotion".

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Finally, Mr. Zhang Xiuchang, the representative of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, was invited to speak. He said that after visiting NAR, he really understood the brand strength of NAR and Stealth Armour, and more firmly believed that the future cooperation will have a bright future.


NAR has formed a complete brand echelon in the promotion of paint protection film products. While "NARPPF" is unanimously recognized by the market, the launch of "Stealth Armor" will complete the layout of the mid market.


The communication meeting deepened the industry's understanding of the "Stealth Armour" brand, and promoted the friendly exchanges and cooperation between the outstanding industry elites in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region and our company. NAR will continue to bring high-quality products to the paint protection film industry and make continuous innovation. In the future, NAR will realize the operation mode of the whole industry chain, help the development of the industry, hands in hands with colleagues to create a new future!


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