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Four management system certification projects of "Nantong NAR" were launched

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On December 2, 2021, Nantong NAR Material Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of NAR, held the launching meeting of ISO16949 automobile quality system and ISO9001 / ISO14001 / ISO45001 management system consulting project in Nantong. A total of 39 people attended the meeting, including Ma Jiji, President of NAR Industrial Co., Ltd., Yang Yong, an expert of consulting and counseling organization (Suzhou Weisida Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.), members of Nantong NAR management system project working group and Nantong Baina support working group.


Firstly, Dai Weiyang, quality control director of NAR made a preliminary introduction to the four system certification consulting projects. The project was for further improving and promoting the standardization, refinement, institutionalization and process of PPF product operation and management, meet customer needs and improve market competitiveness better. He said that quality was the lifeline of enterprises. Good quality management was helpful to improve efficiency, reduce costs, provide high-quality products and services and improving customer satisfaction.


Speech by Dai Weiyang, quality control director of NAR Co., Ltd ↑

Subsequently, the expert Mr Yang Yong explained the basic knowledge of the four systems in simple and understandable language. The content included the origin and development of the system standard, the role of the standard in the enterprise after its implementation, and the project guidance implementation schedule. Mr. Yang said that the ultimate purpose of implementing standards and certification was not to obtain certificates, but to promote the company's management to a new level on the basis of obtaining certificates. In the process of implementing the standard, many contradictions and difficulties will be encountered. All staff should have an active and positive working attitude,solve them together with wisdom and efforts. Avoid the phenomenon of "two skins" in the system work. In the process of system implementation, carry out all work in strict accordance with the requirements of standards and system documents, so as to truly implement the system work.3

Speech by consulting expert Yang Yong ↑

Later, Wang Yufeng, the leader of the R & D Department of the system certification project working group, Wang Xianwei, the leader of the technology and quality control department, and Yang Dongling, the leader of the production department, expressed their views on the establishment of the system and expressed their determination to lead the team to resolutely complete the certification task. They would actively cooperate in the process of standard implementation, carefully complete various standard implementation work according to the progress of project planning, and use the planned time to complete the establishment of standard system.


Wang Yufeng, head of R & D department ↑


Wang Xianwei, head of technology and quality control department ↑

4-3Production department leader Yang Dongling ↑

Finally, Ma Jiji, President of NAR , made a concluding speech. He expounded the purpose and function of the system certification. He said that the ultimate purpose of this certification was to improve the quality awareness and overall performance of all employees of the company, improve and change the production environment, bear corresponding social responsibilities, and responsible for the occupational health and safety of every employee of the company. He would also start from himself, vigorously promote the work of quality management system, realize continuous improvement.

5Speech by Ma Jiji, CEO of NAR ↑

The implementation of the management system required the active participation of every NAR person, vigorously supported and publicize the system work, integrate the certification system work into daily work, learn, understand and implement, unite as one, and improve the quality with solid actions.

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