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Follow the song! In September, the outward bound activities of management trainee' were held

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-22      Origin: Site

Recently, in order to create a good team atmosphere, cultivate a professional, professional and comprehensive team. In Fengxian camp Park, NAR organized an outward bound training for management trainees, in which a total of 25 management students participated.

This outward bound training is composed of nearly 10 projects, helps participants build a bridge of cooperation and tacit understanding through interaction.

In the "ice breaking activity", under the guidance of the coach, the students showed their vigorous pace. Although the early autumn season was still a little hot, it did not reduce everyone's interest. The small activities brought small tacit understanding and small laughter belonging to the team. 

After that, canoeing started in the drizzle. Although the weather is not pleasant, but as one of the most anticipated projects, the enthusiasm of the students did not subside. The small canoe rowed to the center of the lake and achieved the goal. This is the cooperation of the team, and also let the students understand the value and rarity of tacit understanding.

In addition, there are "big ball collision", "fast running kangaroos", "blind people fighting each other", "leather rope pulling", "big tree and squirrel", "bonfire party" and so on. At the end of the activity, the students set up an oven to taste the delicious food made by themselves. On the lakeside in autumn, the dancing figure and the smile of youth are left.


With the setting sun, the curtain also came down. Outward bound training is not physical training, but an activity to excavate and cultivate team spirit. It is believed that the management students participating in this activity will devote themselves to their work with more full spirit and meet the new challenges in a better state.

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