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Fire safety is more important than the mountain, NAR staff are drilling together

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-01      Origin: Site

On September 25, 2022, the annual "September 25 Safety Warning Day" fire safety training was held in both Shanghai and Nantong. At 7:30 a.m., the drill officially began.


This fire drill focuses on the safety production of the manufacturing center, focusing on emergency evacuation, emergency rescue and disposal of fire and explosion caused by heat transfer oil leakage, and emergency disposal drill of chemical warehouse leakage. In the face of this drill, the NAR people in the two places not only acted quickly and orderly, but also maintained a high sense of responsibility and rigorous attitude, and earnestly learned every method and skill to deal with safety accidents.

The team of Nantong Factory also carried out the drill under the command of Xiong Hele, the manager of the Security Department. The whole process was smooth and orderly, and the participants were highly focused, meticulously practicing the skills of each training.



In addition, the safety team of NAR Group specially invited the firefighters from the Fire Squadron of South Shenjiang  Road in Pudong New district to give guidance and explain the fire safety regulations and precautions for the use of fire equipment from a professional perspective. Ma Jiji, president of NAR Corporation, participated in the drill throughout the whole process, got to know it in depth and implemented relevant fire safety measures. After the on-site drill, Wan Yiquan, the leader of the safety team, carried out "accident case explanation, propaganda and KYT training", combined practice with theory, and deeply explained the knowledge and methods related to fire safety.


The responsibility for safe production is more important. To ensure that every employee can learn and master the knowledge of fire safety is to ensure the safety of everyone's life, but also to ensure the safe and stable development of NAR in the future. Only when you practice your real skills, can you keep your safety in mind.



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