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Fengcheng Nar Technology Group Co., Ltd. Digital inkjet, optical, electronic composites, digital material project environmental impact assessment first publicity

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First, the construction project overview

(1) Project Name: Fengcheng Nar Technology Group Co., Ltd. According to the \"Environmental Impact Assessment Public Participation Measures\" (No. 4, 2019.1.1) Digital inkjet, optical, electronic composites, digital material items \"environmental impact assessment matters are as follows:

Division Digital Inkjet, Optical, Electronic Composites, Digital Materials Project

(2) Construction unit: Fengcheng Nar Technology Group Co., Ltd.

(3) Construction nature: new construction

(4) Construction site: No. 25, Torch 4, Fengcheng High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, Geographical coordinates are from 28 ° 13'45.739 \", and 115 ° 44'8.643 \".

(5) Project Overview: The project covers an area of ​​about 440 mu, the main construction content includes production workshops, warehouses, office buildings, life buildings, sewage treatment stations, etc. It is proposed to build a digital inkjet material production line, environmentally friendly degradable modified film material production line, digital print material production line, optical, electronic composite production line, automotive protective film production line, health protection mask production line, etc. After the project is completed, it can reach the annual production of 50,000 tons of digital inkjet materials, 40,000 tons of environmentally-friendly degradable modified film materials, 360 million square meters of digital printing materials, 0.5 billion square meters of optical, electronic composites, 0.25 billion square meters Protective film, 2 billion sanitary protective masks.

Second, work procedures and work content

(1) Working procedure

1 Preparation stage: Research on documents, environmental status surveys, screening key evaluation projects, and identify the evaluation work level.

2 Official working stage: further engineering analysis and status quo and monitoring, and environmental impact predictions and evaluation.

3 Preparation of reporting stages: summarize information and data, put forward environmental protection measures and recommendations, give conclusions, completion report preparation.

(2) Work content

1 Engineering analysis: Introducing engineering profile, project construction location environmental profile and environmental protection goals, analysis of various phases in different periods in different periods and their evaluation, and proposing environmental protection recommendations and measures.

2 Qualification analysis of related plans: Analyze the opinions of governments, planning and environmental protection departments at all levels in this project.

3 Current status of environmental quality: monitor and evaluate the status quo of environmental quality in the construction area in accordance with national regulations.

4 Environmental impact prediction: predict the main environmental factors of the construction project, evaluating prediction results.

5 Public participation: Advance environmental information announcement, investigate public participation methods and other public participation, and respond to public participation in public participation, and give adoption or not adopted conclusions.

6 Propose Environmental Impact Assessment: Based on the aforementioned work, environmental impact assessment conclusions are proposed.

Third, soliciting the contact information of public comments

After seeing this announcement, if there is related recommendations and opinions, you can contact the relevant parties, thank you for your participation and support.

(1) Construction unit and its contact information

Construction unit: Fengcheng Nar Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Address: Fengcheng High-tech Industrial Park

Contact: Xu

Phone: 13979566098


(2) Environmental impact assessment units and contact information

EIA: Knowledge Road, Cooperation (Jiangxi) Environmental Protection Industry Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Address: Science Park, Zhejiang University (Jiangxi) Science Park, No. 698 Jingdong Avenue, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

Contact: Wu Work

Tel: 0791-88116290

Fourth, seeking the main matters of public opinions

1) Learn from this item;

2) Environmental issues that are most concerned about or the most urgent need for evaluation area;

3) What kind of environmental issues that will be produced in this project

4) Project construction has the greatest impact on the environment;

5) Whether the pollution prevention measures taken by the project are satisfactory;

6) The construction of this project is the role of economic development in the region;

7) Support for this project;

8) Other comments or recommendations on environmental protection of this project.

5. The public proposes the main way of comments

If any unit or individual has environmentally friendly opinions or suggestions for this project, you can contact the construction unit, environmental impact assessment unit, environmental impact assessment unit, environmental impact assessment unit, environmental impact assessment unit, environmental impact assessment unit, environmentally effective Contact and identification, for construction units, environmental impact assessment units and government authorities decision-making reference.

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Special announcement.

Fengcheng Nar Technology Group Co., Ltd.

March 21, 2022

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