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Facing the hot weather | precautions for safe production in summer high temperature

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Midsummer is coming, and extreme weather such as high temperature, high humidity and lightning will happened frequently.

In order to do a good job in heatstroke prevention and safety production in summer production, ensure the health of operators and prevent heatstroke and other production safety accidents caused by high temperature weather.

The ESS team of NAR Co., Ltd. strictly implements the safety production responsibility system in summer, formulates the emergency plan for safety production and heatstroke prevention, and realizes "safety before production, and no production if it is unsafe".

Reasonably arrange work and rest time

Ess team will pay close attention to the weather forecast related to high temperature weather, and define the daily maximum temperature greater than or equal to 35 ℃ as "high temperature day", and the "high temperature day" for more than 5 consecutive days as "continuous high temperature". Implement the high-temperature measures of "grasping both ends and resting in the middle", adjust the labor and rest system of high-temperature operation in summer, reduce labor intensity, control outdoor operation time, and avoid operation in high-temperature periods.

Implement heatstroke prevention and cooling work

1.Ensure the supply of drinking water, fruits and other summer food

Fully supply salt water and soda water to, regularly distribute watermelon and other summer fruits, and boil bean soup to all posts. Heatstroke food can help prevent heatstroke and avoid heatstroke events and safety accidents caused by heatstroke.

2.Implement heatstroke prevention knowledge publicity and distribution of goods

The knowledge of heatstroke prevention and cooling shall be fully publicized. All departments shall distribute heatstroke prevention drugs, such as Rendan, cooling oil, essential balm, etc., and implement heatstroke prevention and cooling items for each employee. Do a good job of sanitation and epidemic prevention in the operation site and living area, strengthen the sanitation management of drinking water and food, and avoid poisoning caused by food deterioration.

3.Improve the production environment of production site operation

In key heatstroke prevention areas, add high-power air conditioners, mobile water-cooled air conditioning fans, high-power mobile electric fans and other equipment, maintain air circulation at the production site, do a good job in environmental physical cooling, and fully improve the on-site production environment.

Pay attention to safe use of electricity, fire and explosion prevention

In summer, when it is hot and rainy, the ESS team will fully check the safety of electrical equipment protection measures and rainproof measures. Strengthen the publicity of power safety, put an end to the power consumption behavior that does not conform to the power consumption regulations and construction standards, and prevent the occurrence of power consumption accidents. At the same time, do a good job of fire prevention in summer, implement various fire prevention systems, further strengthen fire prevention measures, equip fire-fighting appliances, regularly inspect the distribution room, electrical circuits, warehouses, chemical rooms and other flammable places, and immediately rectify and implement any problems found.

Prevent thunderstorm, thunder and typhoon

Deploy and inspect relevant lightning protection, flood control and wind prevention equipment and facilities in advance, strengthen the safety education of employees on precautions in Thunderstorm and typhoon days, and improve the safety awareness of employees. Reasonably arrange the working hours and travel modes of employees in extreme weather, reduce unnecessary outdoor activities, and ensure the safety of employees. After extreme weather, complete safety inspection of all equipment, and resume production after confirming that it is normal.

All things related safety is important. With a highly responsible attitude, we will earnestly implement heatstroke prevention and safety production in summer, and safeguard the safety of employees' lives and property and the safe production and operation of the enterprise.



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