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Exploring The Future, NAR Successfully Appears at The 2024 Shanghai APPP Expo

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On March 2nd, the 4-day 2024 Shanghai APPP Expo was successfully concluded at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition brings together well-known enterprises from various industries both domestically and internationally. As one of them, NAR, with the theme of "Setting Sail, Making  Efforts, Empowering Growth, and Collaborating for Win", showcased the latest products, technologies, and solutions with numerous peers. With abundant production capacity and comprehensive strength, NAR brought a feast to professionals in the industry.


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Green concept leads the trend

At this exhibition, the NAR Environmental Protection product series appear agin. This series includes self adhesive products, image protection, glass decoration products, as well as wall paper and wallpaper products applied to various substrates, further improving the application scenarios of this series.

NAR people are well aware that the development of enterprises cannot be separated from respect and protection of the environment. We adhere to the concept of "based on technology empowerment, creating a better living space". We not only focus on environmental protection in product research and development, but also actively promote environmentally friendly production methods at exhibition venues. This concept has been unanimously recognized by the on-site audience and has also won more trust and respect.

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Innovative products make a stunning debut

In addition to the environmental protection series products, NAR has also launched multiple products with unique functions, such as the high-end brand INFLEX's stretch resistant series, container wrapping stickers, new vehicle wrapping color films and protective films, and other new products. The excellent color display performance and durability of these products make every viewer admire them. At the same time, with its superior product performance, many industry experts and potential customers have expressed strong interest in our products, further verifying the strength of NAR people in this field.

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Deep communication and expanding cooperation

During the exhibition, NAR people had in-depth exchanges and discussions with industry colleagues from around the world. By sharing experiences and exploring trends, we not only broaden our horizons, but also meet numerous like-mindedpartners. These collaborations will bring enormous opportunities for our future development.

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The successful holding of this exhibition has strengthened our determination to continuously innovate in the industry. In the future, we will continue to increase our research and development efforts, and launch more competitive products and solutions.

Thank you to all friends who have followed and supported NAR! Let's work together and create a better future!

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