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Exchange between teachers and students of Antai School of economics and management

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In the afternoon of March 29, 2019, under the guidance of the tutor of from Antai economics and management Institute, Shanghai Communication University, dozens of domestic and foreign students from Thailand, South Korea and Russia came to NAR for a visit, exchange and study.

This activity mainly includes business visit, hot topic sharing and interactive communication. Mr. You Aiguo, founder and chairman of NAR, welcomed teachers and students from Antai, and hosted the hot topic sharing and interactive communication. 

First of all, chairman You Aiguo introduced the general situation, development process, and the R & D and production of core products of NAR to teachers and students of Antai. 

Teachers and students of Antai expressed strong interest in the products, technology and management of NAR . In the communication between teachers and students and NAR people, the half-hour visit originally scheduled was finally completed in more than one hour. 

In the hot topic sharing section, chairman You Aiguo expounded his unique views on the current situation of manufacturing industry, Sino US trade war and how young people should plan their own career path.

Chairman You Aiguo said that as the only listed company in the subdivision field of printing materials, there are many unknown hardships and farsighted thoughts behind the success. For the future of China's manufacturing industry, he believes that local manufacturing enterprises should pay special attention to data management and the cultivation of original technology. NAR attaches great importance to R & D, and has invested a lot of money and manpower in R & D for many years. By 2018, NAR has 87 patents, including 14 invention patents. For the Sino US trade war, he believes that the competitors of Chinese enterprises are not American enterprises, but enterprises themselves. As long as we do a good job in R & D and management, the competitiveness of enterprises can be constantly improved. In 2018, under the poor trade environment in China, NAR's export revenue accounted for 44.9% of the total revenue, and its net profit for the whole year increased to 70.6%. For the career planning of young people, chairman you Aiguo thinks that young people are very keen on the financial industry and large enterprises, but in fact, small and medium-sized private enterprises are also a choice for excellent talents. He suggested that young people should learn more about the society and the grass-roots level, enjoy the hardships and highlights of the process, and avoid blindly and rigidly pursuing high-rise industries and enterprises. 

Finally, in the interactive communication, teachers and students of Antai discussed "Purple Sea strategy", "New retail", and NAR’s demand for talents, and said that currently there are doctoral students of Communication University working in NAR's information department, hoping that more Antai students will join NAR in the future.

Through this visit, the visiting students said that they have benefited a lot. They not only have a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese production enterprises, but also reconsider their career planning in traditional enterprises in the future. At the same time, they are more convinced that as long as there are more entrepreneurs with such feelings as chairman You Aiguo, who have ideas and keep pace with the times, the realization of the dream of making China a powerful country is just around the corner.

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