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Excecessing excellence! Lean production first QCC project PK contest successfully completed

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-13      Origin: Site

On 13 April 2021, the first phase of QCC project PK competition in Nardo Lean Production was held in Shanghai Nar, a total of 13 improvement teams have been reported.

The Nares have always been targeted to improve management efficiency and production quality, with excellence, continuous improvement as the core, not only for the current scope of excavation, proposing solutions, more excavation, improved space, improve and efficiency. More than ten questions have been achieved and project improvement.


The proposal groups of each project have reported that the content covers all aspects of procurement, production process, inventory efficiency, delivery efficiency, and a number of improved projects have been unanimously affirmed.

In various projects, \"reducing the back glue change time\" is excellent in performance, which not only has a clear thinking, focus key issue, but also has a solution and its implementation.


Li Fei conducts \"reducing the back glue change time\" project report ↑

Shi Shaoqiu has conducted a project report on the production capacity of British Leles. Reporting from an angle of increasing the efficiency of slitting and cutting, accurately counting the time consumption of each process process, and conducts effective solutions and its implementation.


Shi Shaoqiu conducts \"Improvement of the British Less Production Bag\" project report ↑

The team represented by Zhang Jiaying's \"stability of product performance in the production process\" is proposed for the production process of the adhesive coating link, and has been verified and implemented.



Zhang Jiaying conducts the \"Stability of the Product Performance in Production Process\" project

Other group members also show their improvement results. In the process of promoting improving projects, they have also growing, not only learned the methods and tools of analysis issues, but also create benefits.

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Finally, the President of Nar Shares conducted a short speech. He expressed his affirmation of the implementation of the existing improvement project, and \"continued improvement \" became all employees' work habits and continued to advance in the work.


Ma Ji President Summary Speech

As a production and manufacturing enterprise, Nar has always been responsible for the promotion of the promotion of production and manufacturing. Lean production promotion is long-term, continuous, \"Improvement is everywhere \", good at discovering problems, learn to use tools to dig deeply, solve problems in time; \"Improve endless \", pay attention to and discovery to improve Space, find improvement, such concepts have been rooted in every daily work of each Naren, and it will also bring more help to market and partners to market and partners.

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