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Every drop of sweat is worth recording

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Record on the war and epidemic group of Nantong factory

——Author: Luo Jianan of Nantong factory

There are a group of people who stand up,

Calmly facing the epidemic situation, charging ahead and bravely carrying the flag;

There are a group of people with great perseverance,

Always stick to their epidemic prevention posts and never finch;

There are a group of people who struggle constantly,

Strive to ensure the normal operation of Baina's production and contribute silently;

They are the "epidemic prevention emergency team" of Nantong factory,

From them, I saw an inspiring war "epidemic".

Nantong suddenly entered the state of control on March 4. The sudden blocking down command brought many enterprises surprises. The colleagues of Nantong factory responded at the first time. A three person team led by manager Xiong Hele arrived at the expressway in the afternoon and began to pick up cars. They fought all night, thus opening the prelude to the full anti epidemic and production guarantee of Nantong factory.

Immediately establish an epidemic prevention emergency team

On the day when Nantong entered the bocking state, Nantong factory has preliminarily selected the members of the epidemic prevention emergency team. The next morning, the epidemic prevention team was officially established. Director Liu Song is the team leader, forming a labor division structure of "pick-up and drop off vehicles", "disinfection and sterilization", "material support", "information filing" and "logistics loading and unloading". In the subsequent work of epidemic prevention and production guarantee, the members of the epidemic prevention team not only worked hard and took the initiative to solve various problems, but also brainstormed to solve various problems, so that the whole Nantong factory could operate smoothly. At the same time, the whole epidemic prevention team and Logistics Department operated at full capacity, undertook a large number of goods that could not enter Shanghai for loading and unloading, and built a transportation bridge between Nantong and Shanghai, So as to ensure the stable operation of the whole NAR supply chain.

Ultra high intensity closed-loop epidemic prevention

The existing epidemic prevention policy requires the closed-loop management of vehicles in and out, that is, the whole process must be under monitoring from the time when the vehicle is about to get off the highway, to the completion of loading and unloading, and then to the time when the vehicle leaves the highway, and the enterprise must take charge of these matters. This means that only in the link of entering Nantong, if there is no timely communication with corresponding enterprises, the logistics vehicles arriving in Nantong will be stranded at the expressway or forced to return, and the detention time will reach about 5 hours.

So colleagues in the rear should complete the collection and filing of all vehicle information in advance. The pick-up liaison of the epidemic prevention team will be stationed at the highway intersection for 24 hours. The pick-up liaison will lead the vehicles to the plant area according to the designated route. The disinfection and sterilization personnel will be responsible for information review and internal and external disinfection and sterilization of all vehicles. Then the order maintenance personnel will be responsible for affixing seals, taking photos and uploading them to relevant departments. During this period, they also need to deal with various problems and disputes to maintain order, After the logistics vehicles are loaded and unloaded, the vehicle delivery personnel are responsible for sending the vehicles to the designated high-speed intersection.

In fact, there are a lot of difficulties in these simple work, as well as various emergencies, such as the continuous changes of high-speed intersections, the difficulties of road sealing and transportation, the repeated communication with drivers around the clock, the close cooperation with relevant departments, and the changing relevant policies... These difficulties have been overcome by the continuous work and joint efforts of the whole epidemic prevention team all night.

In fact, there are a lot of difficulties in the work, as well as various emergencies, such as the continuous changes of high-speed intersections, the difficulties of road sealing and transportation, the repeated communication with drivers, the close cooperation with relevant departments, and the changing relevant policies... These difficulties have been overcome by the continuous work and joint efforts of the whole epidemic prevention team all night.

Indispensable material support

In the whole work of epidemic prevention and production guarantee, material guarantee is the backing and foundation of everything. During the epidemic prevention period, the peak number of people stationed in Nantong factory reached 437. Through the mobilization and unremitting efforts of all parties, the epidemic prevention team has not only ensured the food, housing and transportation of all personnel, but also raised enough epidemic prevention materials under the condition of shortage of epidemic prevention materials, so that the employees working on the front line of epidemic prevention can obtain safety guarantee. Not only that, they also sent three batches of vegetables and meat materials to seal and control colleagues in Shanghai, alleviating the material pressure of the Shanghai factory.

Let's remember their efforts

——Members of epidemic prevention team

Liu Song, leader of "epidemic prevention emergency team"

Xiong hele's personnel deployment and government docking


In this epidemic battle, we should not only have the overall view of overall planning, but also have the courage to deal with emergencies. We need to communicate internally and externally.

Liu Song is the director of the manufacturing center, the core of the epidemic prevention team and the battle commander. In the work of epidemic prevention and production guarantee in Nantong factory, he coordinated the relevant work of various departments and adhered to it day and night, providing base for the work of the epidemic prevention team.

As another important pillar of the epidemic prevention team, Xiong Hele left difficult problems to himself every time. He had almost no rest time and always fought in the front. In the face of the strong Transportation Bureau, disease control and special police, he tried his best to win the recognition of the other party with his dedication and specialty, constantly tackling difficulties, and opening up the way for the normal operation of epidemic prevention and production protection.

Ji Jun vehicle information statistics, reporting and management

Xiangyuan garrison checkpoint epidemic prevention volunteers


Ji Jun is the first line of defense to ensure the normal access of all vehicles. He collects and records vehicle information all the time, arranges these information on the record and reports it to the government at the first time. In order to manage the real-time information of each vehicle, he often struggled late into the night and worked till 2 a.m. It is his dedication that guards the smooth flow of information channels with relevant departments.

Xiang Yuan is a "soldier stationed abroad". He responded to the call of relevant departments and became a line of defense at the expressway. He was fully responsible for nucleic acid antigen sampling, information review and registration of passing vehicle drivers. Wearing protective clothing, he continued to stand and work for more than 12 hours a day. While quietly contributing to the epidemic prevention work, it also constantly brings the latest checkpoint information to the colleagues of Nantong factory, making the epidemic prevention work more timely and effective.

Xu Zhaoyi, Shi Haoran, Lin Wei pick up liaison


Xu Zhaoyi, Shi Haoran and Lin Wei formed a car pick-up liaison team. They work 24-hour shifts and always stick to the front-line high-speed checkpoint to escort the coming transport vehicles off the high-speed. Their on-site environment is not only difficult, but also needs to maintain communication with various drivers. The ringing telephone ring is their only company. Even eating and going to the bathroom has become a luxury, but they still persevered in the wind and rain, paid silently without complaint, and sent transport vehicles to Nantong factory.

Ouyang Huangcai, Shi Lei, Yao Jiulong, etc

Pick up & escort


Ouyang Huangcai, Shi Lei, Yao Jiulong, Xiong hele, Jia Yu, Li Feng, Lin Wei, Shi Shaoqiu, and the cadres on duty of each shift formed a pickup and escort team.

Picking up, escorting, repick up, escorting, Seemingly a single job, in fact, there are many variables and tests.

In this epidemic prevention and control, vehicles from taking off the expressway to taking off the expressway need to keep the window and get off under their supervision, so as to minimize the risk of epidemic transmission. However, some vehicles don't listen to the command, want to go home, want to get off to rest, want to eat and shop in a restaurant, want to go out to distribute goods... Even if the driver temporarily changes his mind on the way of escorting the car, runs the red light, goes retrograde, and tries to make them retreat in the face of difficulties, they don't flinch. Under these difficulties, they are like soldiers, holding fast to their positions.

Cargo handling of all members of Logistics Department


The years are quiet, because you carry the weight forward. Boxes and carts of goods are piled up by pairs of industrious hands. In the battle with the epidemic, they put on protective clothing and N95, with rubber covers, shoe covers and masks on their bodies all the time. Breathing becomes heavy through the N95, the clothes in the protective clothing are soaked with layers of sweat, and the busy back in the wind and rain. They are the "most beautiful" people.

Jiangqi, wuyuping vehicle disinfection and sterilization


Disinfection and sterilization of vehicles and goods is a very important link in epidemic prevention and control. For Jiang Qihe and wuyuping, they should not only do a good job of the guard post, but also wear a five piece protective suit and carefully disinfection and sterilization every incoming car. During the epidemic, they meticulously implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention, checked vehicle information, checked health code, travel code, disinfection and sterilization... Their efforts and dedication are an indispensable part of epidemic prevention.

Luo Jianan, Liu Ao, Shen Nannan

Vehicle entry and exit command and registration


For the orderly loading and unloading of vehicles, for the timely pick-up and delivery of vehicles, and for the accurate establishment of vehicle files and submission to the epidemic situation supervision team, they recorded all time points and photos of each vehicle from the time of pick-up, disinfection and sterilization, entering the factory, loading and unloading, leaving the factory, escorting and getting on the expressway. With meticulous and thoughtful work, they consolidated the last line of defense for the normal access and operation of logistics vehicles during the epidemic.

Gong Quanhong epidemic prevention material supply

Zhao Qinghua logistics support

Cao Hongmei catering supply


Gong Quanhong shouldered the important task of raising materials, Zhao Qinghua was responsible for logistics support, and Cao Hongmei ensured the supply of meals. They have a clear division of labor, which is one of the most important lines of defense for epidemic prevention and production protection. They are the backing of the personnel fighting on the front line.

Even in the most difficult times, Nantong roads are strictly controlled and travelling is difficult. They never give up and face the difficulties. When the market was in short supply and the market was closed, they went to supermarkets and towns to try their best to purchase and collect food, daily necessities and epidemic prevention supplies. In two or three days, we collected enough articles for 437 employees in the factory, completed the placement of employees, ensured the safety of accommodation and epidemic prevention, and sent three carts of food materials to our colleagues in Shanghai factory. It is their existence and efforts that make the whole Nantong factory have no worries.

In the face of the epidemic situation, members of the epidemic prevention team chose to face the difficulties and rush ahead. They are screwed into a rope, firmly nailed to their posts, and meticulously perform their tasks.

They have a tacit understanding and work together. They never fai.

Till May 1, with their efforts, Nantong factory has loaded and unloaded more than 500 vehicles, picked up and sent vehicles more than 400 times, with a cumulative mileage of more than 10000 kilometers, achieving a record of zero discouraging vehicles.

NAR people's perseverance, sureness, diligence and selflessness shine in sweat. They put all their efforts to withstand the huge pressure brought by sealing and control. They not only realized the normal operation of the supply chain of Nantong factory, but also reduced the burden of the supply chain of Shanghai factory, undertook and transferred the materials of Shanghai factory, so as to ensure the orderly progress of NAR's supply chain and production.

The epidemic situation is still going on. We will continue to work hand in hand, withstand the pressure, be exposed to the sun and rain, and unswervingly complete our mission.

- END -


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