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Establishing and implementing standards

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What is the standard? 

The standard is one of the normative documents, which is defined as a kind of normative document which is approved, used together and reused by consensus and is intended to obtain the best continuous in a certain range. Enterprise standardized management is an important means to strengthen the scientific management of enterprises. The establishment of standardization also includes the optimization of management process, which is an important measure to improve the management level and operation efficiency of enterprises. Standardized management is the key to strengthen the company's executive power and improve production efficiency, the guarantee to improve product quality and ensure safe production, and the bridge to promote new technology and develop new products.

3T standardized management system construction training  ↑

Through the implementation of ISO9000 quality standards, 

Stabilize and improve the quality level of the company's products 

The ISO9000 quality management standard system provides a scientific method and means of quality management and quality assurance for enterprises, which makes the responsibilities of various departments and personnel in enterprises clear and avoids prevarication. The documented management standard makes all the quality work knowable and verifiable. The real implementation of the quality standard can reduce the quality loss cost of the enterprise and increase the confidence of customers. 

The key to the effective operation of ISO9000 standard system and the real quality assurance lies in its implementation, which means "speaking, writing, achieving and recording". The company's quality standard system was established in 2008 and has been in operation for ten years. By 2018, it has established 36 procedure documents, 561 process standards, 468 product standards and 154 raw material standards. However, during the company's internal audit in May, only in the audit of procedure documents can we find that some items have not been implemented. 

2018 First Improvement Project Report ↑

Internal audit is an independent and objective audit activity within the company. Its purpose is to review and evaluate the authenticity and effectiveness of the company's business activities and internal control, so that the problems existing in the company's business activities can be recognized and solved, so as to promote the realization of the company's objectives. 

Since March, the company's financial department has organized and implemented internal audit to manage the claims, returns, inventory, sales price and on-site warehouse of the company's fixed assets, low value consumables and purchased raw materials with abnormal quality, and conducted four special audits. Through the special audit, we found that there are some management systems and standards missing, and some systems can not be effectively implemented. In the future, the company will strengthen internal audit to ensure the implementation of the company's rules and regulations.

Business analysis meeting in the first half of the year, quality management improvement report 

"Ossification before optimization" to cultivate executive culture 

To better implement standards, we must first learn, understand and master standards, systems and processes. The company will carry out training in various of forms to make employees truly understand the role and implementation methods of these standards. 

On this basis, first of all, we need to rigidly implement and strictly abide by the standards. To cultivate the staff's awe of standards and rules, not to think that the implementation of standards and rules is complicated, nor to try to challenge the standards and rules, but to optimize standards and rules in conscious and strict implementation, and to form the habit of "even if you understand the system is wrong, you should also follow the system before it is modified", so as to form the execution culture of the whole staff. 

Only when the team has strong, even paranoid executive power, can it grow into the "team capable of fighting" required by Chairman You Aiguo, so as to realize NAR's mission and vision. 

Author: Ma Jiji, President of NAR

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