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Do you know ? NAR raced to Panama

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-04-28      Origin: Site

Racing car with NAR logo

Running on the track in Panama

And got third place

This country is located in the isthmus of Central America, connecting North America and South America. It has beautiful scenery and unique geographical location. People speak Spanish, but the climate is very similar to Guangzhou. What is more famous than Panama itself is the Panama Canal, one of the seven engineering wonders in the world.

Panama City is a world cultural heritage . You can see brilliant Spanish architecture, while on the other side is the ruins, like a mirror, but on the one hand is exquisite and elegant, on the other hand is broken and decayed.

In any case, Panama's beauty is a scenic spot in the city, and its rival is the racing car running in the street and track.

↑ Racing with the Nal logo

In Panama, an eye-catching car will be warmly praised by local fans and car owners. As a result, these cars generally have gorgeous decorations. 

IV3200 Vehicle wrapping viniyl, as the leader of IV series under NAR, have good color rendering and weather resistance. The personalization brought by digital ink-jet painting can increase the beauty and creativity of the body and fully display the personal style of the owner. This product has the application effect and user experience not inferior to other international brands.

Along with this event, NAR not only brought into the vision of local car owners and fans, but also showed the charm of NAR vinyls. 

In the future, NAR will further work with agents around the world to promote NAR brand, develop local market, consolidate the old market, develop new fields, and deepen the recognition of NAR brand in local market.

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