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Digital helps NAR to a new level

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-12-21      Origin: Site

With the advent of network economy, enterprises are facing the challenge of digital transformation. How to correctly understand and grasp the digital strategy is very important for the future development of big enterprises. Adopting modern management concepts and methods to eliminate the phenomenon of information island has become the key to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.

As a leading enterprise in the industry, NAR takes setting up the industry benchmark as its own duty, actively introduces advanced management concepts and technical means, speeds up the pace of enterprise digital construction, and continuously improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

ERP system has been in service in NAR for more than 10 years, and its existing performance and function are not enough to support the organizational structure and business needs of NAR.

Project team members conduct special discussion ↑

After sufficient project research and system selection, NAR finally chose to cooperate with Dingjie software to use its T100 series products, which took more than a year, invested thousands of manpower, successfully completed the transformatioin of new and old systems, and successfully went online.


The new system not only introduces the new management concept and system, but also summarizes and inherits the advantages of the old system, and supplements and perfects its shortcomings


After a period of practical operation summary, it really achieved the goal of integrating business process, optimizing management mode and improving management efficiency, and also promoted the progress of production site management level. The successful holding of the ERP project phase summary meeting also indicates that the ERP project has finished the implementation phase and started to move into the operation and maintenance phase.

Project team members are debugging the system ↑

In the process of project implementation, NAR adheres to the strict, standardized and efficient orientation, gets through the data of each business node, establishes a unified data resource platform, realizes the intensive operation of the enterprise's functional departments, and strives to achieve the operation objectives of standardized management, intelligent management and easy management.

Through the positive interaction between digital management and modern management mechanism, we will speed up the improvement of management level and information technology level, employ new management trainees, arrange job rotation in key ERP positions, and  train a new group of management successors


The success of the project is inseparable from the efforts of Dingjie software implementation team, NAR ERP project team and all members of the user departments. Thank them for their efforts and efforts to win the battle and help the development of enterprises to a new level!

Project team members who have organized discussions on various issues for many times

Digital transformation is not only a technical problem, but also a problem of concept and management reform. It is an important content to use Internet thinking to examine the digital business model and operation model, and use the concepts of interconnection, sharing, refinement and intelligence to reconsider various of businesses, so as to realize management innovation.  


The successful implementation of ERP project is not only the end of the stage work, but also the starting point of the next step to realize the comprehensive data operation. NAR will keep in mind our mission vision: to become an "excellent supplier of digital printing materials".

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