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Deep cooperation! H-P latex enterprise and NAR Co., Ltd. develop the high-end printing market

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On June 22, HP's "innovation, new profit" latex customer seminar was held in Dahua Holiday Hotel, Hongqiao, Shanghai, where celebrities from Shanghai advertising and signage industry gathered. As the only vehicle wrapping film partner certified by HP latex in China, NAR Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting as a special guest.

NAR as a cooperation partner , Yang Jiantang vice president ,was invited to give a speech on NAR latex certification vehicle wrapping film. In the speech, President Yang elaborated the birth, characteristics and advantages of the products. Among them, the impact of using NAR latex certification car vehicle wrapping film on the printing cost is the focus of the signage industry.

HP As a high-end printing equipment, latex's printing effect and environmental protection have been generally recognized by the industry, but little is known that its printing effect is closely related to the selection of printing materials, especially when the vinyl is printed, such as the use of conventional materials, after printing, it will not only arch, warpage, or even scratch the nozzle, resulting in poor printing effect and shortened service life of the equipment, but if use NAR Latex certified vinyl, it will not have these problems. This material is developed for HP Latex characteristics. With excellent quality and special double coating liner and film, it can perfectly avoid the above problems and be able to meet the quality needs of high-end market. 

The price is also amazing!

Only in terms of material cost, in addition to the cost of printing materials, there is also the cost of laminating materials for normal printing. However, the use of NAR latex certified vehicle wrapping vinyl does not require laminating, and the overall cost is lower than that for normal printing.

On site communication

Yang Jiantang, deputy general manager, explains NAR’s vehicle stickers certified by Latex

In this customer seminar, the professional team from HP gave a comprehensive introduction to the third generation of special ink and printing equipment of HP latex. Ms. Liu Yun from HP technology department elaborated on the environmental protection and sustainable printing characteristics of latex ink. Mr. Zhuang Libin, who is responsible for pre-sales and application solutions in China, not only analyzed and displayed the technical characteristics of the product, but also analyzed and displayed the operation and application of printing products. In addition, the double-sided day and night lights printed by HP latex and the competitive product analysis of printing equipment are also explained in depth. Hu Xueping, general manager of Shanghai Humai composite material Co., Ltd., analyzed the situation of European and American market in detail.

HP latex printer presentation

So if you want to know more about this exclusive product, please feel free to contact us!

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