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Create new achievements! INFLEX creates a winning double eleven

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-12      Origin: Site

On November 11, 2020, the second stop of the INFLEX brand promotion will be held in Chongqing. The meeting invited the Chongqing's local inkjet production company to exchange in Chongqing, in Chongqing's close collaboration with the Chongqing dealer.


The meeting first introduced the development and future of Nar Shares for all guests. Liu Haixia, head of the British Lez brand, expounds the advantages of this high-end adhesive brand from the angle of the English-Leles product quality, service and product line.


Yang Jiantang, vice president


Brand head Liu Haixia speech ↑

The special guest invited the elite in the industry. Chen Kai, general manager from Tianjin Le Cai Co., Ltd. from Tianjin, has also focused on the general manager of the inkjet equipment Chongqing Technical Technology.

Chen Kai, general manager of Tianjin Le Cai, shared the implementation of operational experience of cooperation with the industry's well-known rail transformation company and major projects.


Tianjin Le Cai General Manager Chen Kai speech ↑

Hu Zhiyong, General Manager of Chongqing Zhi Tian, ​​expounded the combination of Epson S80680 outdoor photo machine and British S80680 outdoor photo machine from the inkjet equipment and the inkjet material.


Chongqing Zi Tian general manager Hu Zhiyong speech ↑

Subsequently, Chongqing Dynasty General Manager Xiong Le shared the way British Less promotion and confident in the future with Beliles. His successful experience deeply touched the guest house.


Chongqing Dingjiu General Manager Xiong Le Sharing Experience ↑

Wu Yi, Director of Nar Stock Products, from the production process, different media on material adhesive and application perspectives deeply explained the advantages of the English-Leles car stickers.


Director of Nar Co., Ltd.

Finally, the British Lez Brand Development Department Wei Xuewen announced the promotion of this double 11 explosive product, pushing this event to a climax. Inflex, with its excellent quality and unique brand service advantages, this promotional public transport special body stickers sell through 2000 volumes.


British Less Brand Development Department Manager Wei Xue Wen announced the activity program ↑

The craftsmen cast the boutique, and British Leles has always struggled to pursue excellent product quality and super quality technical services. In the future, it will lead the advertising industry to enter the new height. We look forward to the next stop!

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