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Cooperate with agents, service end users -- excellent representatives from Guangdong advertising industry visit NAR factory

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On June 30, 2018, in order to provide better products and services for the end users of digital printing materials. Together with Guangzhou Zicai advertising materials Co., Ltd., NAR invited top 20 advertising industry representatives from Guangdong Province to form a delegation to NAR Co., Ltd. for exchange and visits.

After arriving at NAR's plant area, the delegation took a group photo before the new office building and R & D center which was completed and put into use at the end of last year. Then, under the leadership of vice president Tao Fusheng and director of production and operation Qian Xiabin, the delegation went to the South and north areas of the plant, visited various production workshops, and further understood the production process of NAR products.

The delegation visited the factory ↑

After visiting the plant, NAR's senior management team, represented by President Ma Jiji and vice president Tao Fusheng, extended a warm welcome to the visit. 

In his speech, President Ma Jiji briefly demonstrated NAR's development achievements in terms of production scale, market share and export volume, and expounded NAR's new strategic objectives after listing. In the new strategy, NAR not only expands R & D investment, but also continuously improves production scale. In terms of management, NAR upgraded its management system and carried out lean management to achieve more efficient management efficiency. In terms of talents, we are constantly introducing high-quality talents, including not only excellent managers, but also high-quality professional graduates. All kinds of measures are to provide customers and markets with first-class products and services. 

Later, vice president Tao Fusheng also gave a speech, systematically introducing the general situation and products of NAR shares to the delegation, not only describing the past and present of NAR , but also conveying NAR's corporate culture, vision and pursuit.

President Ma Jiji's speech ↑

Speech by Vice President Tao Fusheng ↑

In the second stage of the meeting, director Qian Xiabin first introduced the production and operation of NAR. It included four aspects of "production process, production process, production result and value embodiment". The scientific management methods such as ISO and MBO used in production and operation are briefly explained. 

Lu Bingquan, the manager of technology and quality control department, expounds the continuous efforts of NAR's R & D team over the years through the technical R & D system, product application solutions and R & D development direction of NAR's products. 

Cheng Haisheng, manager of quality control department, elaborated the goal and process of NAR's quality control. For example, the 24-hour inspection system for product testing facilities, and the maximum number of items in the inspection link is 21, etc. At the same time, special analysis shall be carried out for the abnormal situation of inspection, solutions shall be proposed and implemented. 

Wu Zhen, manager of the product department, introduced the product application and planning, and explained the importance of product selection from the perspective of application scenarios. At the same time, he conveyed the belief of "abiding by product quality" to the delegation.

Qian Xiabin production and operation director speech ↑

Speech by Wu Zhen, Assistant President and Product Manager ↑

Lv Bingquan, Manager of Technical Quality Control Department made a speech ↑

Cheng Haisheng's Quality Control Department Manager's Speech ↑

Finally, the assistant general manager of NAR Media Cen ruosi shared the "development trend of outdoor (space) media". In the process of sharing, firstly, the status, category and characteristics of subway space media are analyzed, secondly, all kinds of subway space media cases are shared, and the importance of digital printing materials is emphasized. Finally, he describes the characteristics of "difficult to enter, high standard and strict technology" in the material market of Metro media, and emphasizes that "high quality products" and "first-class service" are the necessary conditions for the industry, and are the important direction of colleagues' efforts.

Nal Media, Assistant General Manager Cen Ruosi made a speech ↑

The sharing activity received warm feedback from the delegation. In the interactive link, excellent enterprise representatives talked with each other to exchange problems and solutions. Finally, Mr. Ding Wenhao, general manager of Guangdong Zicai, gave a speech, expressing his affirmation of the effect of this activity, hoping to enhance the understanding and contact between manufacturers and terminals through this exchange, so as to deepen future cooperation.

Interactive discussion of the delegation ↑

At the end of the meeting, everyone gathered and toasted. It not only deepens the end users’ understanding to NAR, but also creates a good environment for NAR to serve end users better.

I believe that in the near future, NAR will cooperate with agents to provide more high-quality products and services to customers !

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