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Congratulations ! Shandong sales champion wins Tesla!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-01-15      Origin: Site

On January 13, 2021, NARPPF held the "2020 NARPPF excellent dealer award ceremony" at NARPPF headquarter. Although the ceremony was simplified due to the epidemic situation, and the dealer activities were also carried out in batches, each activity was still full of NAR PPF team's appreciation .

The past year has been an extraordinary one. In the epidemic, with the close cooperation and support of major distributors, the paint protective film products produced by NAR . have gone against the trend, overcome various difficulties, and achieved one sales miracle after another. The success of all this is inseparable from the efforts of dealers.

In recognition of the sales champion of dealers who have achieved outstanding results in 2020, NAR specially purchased a Tesla as a reward and expressed its gratitude.


At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Yang Jiantang, vice president of NAR , gave a speech. He firstly extended a warm welcome to all the dealers who have come from different places, and hoped that the dealers would make persistent efforts in the new year, work together and create more brilliance! 


Later, Ma Jiji, President of NAR, presented awards to the winning dealers and presented Tesla to Li Xufeng, general manager of Jinan Weiyuan Automobile Service Co., Ltd! 


Finally, all members of NAR PPF team took a group photo with the dealers to capture this exciting moment.


At the same time, Zhou Xiaobo, sales manager of NAR PPF brand, signed a new 2021 sales agreement with the dealers in Jiangxi and Anhui, renewed the 2021 sales agreement with Shandong and Shanxi, and entered into 2021 hand in hand to create a brilliant future!


Today, NAR PPF brand products, has achieved a leading position in China. 2021 has come, NAR PPF brand products will continue to forge ahead and become the leader of the industry


Since NARPPF ‘s establishment, it has become a leading brand in China with sales exceeding 100 million yuan in just one year. As an important business department of NAR, "NARPPF" has created a sales miracle during the epidemic in 2020 through high-quality products, accurate brand positioning and solid promotion. 


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