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Completion is approaching! Nantong NAR fine coating workshop phase II

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Nantong NAR fine coating workshop phase II was officially put into construction in December 2021. The preliminary acceptance has been completed and the production commissioning will be officially carried out on June 15. Phase II premium workshop includes several boutique production workshops including purification workshop and solar backplane production workshop. It can meet the growing production demand of functional materials.

After six months of full cooperation, the project team is about to complete the project. In the face of various difficulties in the construction process, the NAR people in Shanghai and Nantong worked together, responded quickly and communicated effectively, ensuring the steady progress of the project.


Responsible project teams

For the construction of the second phase of the high-quality workshop, NAR people set up a special team in advance, which included the factory affairs director of Nantong factory, the backbone of the high-quality workshop, the safety director, the environmental protection director, the technical transformation and infrastructure director of NAR headquarters and other personnel.

Since late April, the project team has held regular discussion meetings at 8:00 a.m. every day. Members of the project team had a detailed and in-depth discussion on various construction details, including: building material selection for interior decoration of the workshop, requirements for floors, doors and windows; Overall layout of workshop; Control of temperature, humidity and differential pressure of air conditioning units and corresponding units; Shelf placement, warehouse location design, etc. Referring to the operation status of existing workshops and previous construction cases, many excellent construction schemes with both rapidity and economy are put forward.

These solutions should not only ensure the construction quality of the workshop, but also rationalize and humanize the formulation of production content according to the actual workshop conditions and the operating habits of employees. If logistics is involved, it is necessary to define the shelf specification and storage space quantity of each area in detail according to the existing cargo specification parameters. When considering the daily production, the production auxiliary tools should be selected and purchased from the perspective of practicality. In addition, many important issues were solved by the project team with the collective wisdom, which laid a foundation for the smooth construction of the second phase of the fine coating workshop.


Rapid and effective problem point improvement mechanism

The construction process of any project is a process of constantly emerging problems and solving problems. For these unexpected problems, the project team has formulated the "principle of immediate feedback from the discoverer", and the discoverer will immediately feed back to the person in charge. If the problem involves multi department coordination, it will immediately coordinate the time of multiple departments for meeting discussion.

During the construction design period, in the face of many practical problems and the design ideas that have formed inertia over the years, the project team, in combination with the actual situation of the workshop environment, has been constantly expanding their thinking and actively seeking new solutions. After fully studying and discussing the actual situation and repeatedly weighing the construction details and construction feasibility, a number of excellent practical and economic solutions are finally formed.


Strict and effective epidemic prevention and safety control

In the whole process of the project, there are many construction parties from different regions. At the same time, dozens of construction personnel were present. How to ensure the safe construction of all staff has also become a major problem. In this regard, the project team, together with the administrative department, strictly implemented the relevant epidemic prevention regulations of the government, and conducted single room isolation and daily nucleic acid detection for equipment installers from other places to ensure that the delivery of on-site equipment was not affected by the epidemic prevention policy.

At the same time, pay close attention to safe construction. The on-site construction personnel shall be checked every day, especially the construction equipment and personnel qualification materials necessary for climbing operation, hot work and temporary power operation, so as to ensure the safety of construction.

Cooperative NAR people

In late April, the company proposed that No. 12 adhesive production line should be modified to adapt to the new product. In the face of this new project with "tight time and heavy tasks", the colleagues of Nantong factory and the colleagues in Shanghai during the block period worked together to communicate and solve various problems in the project online. The personnel of the two places were on duty 24 hours, performing their respective duties, actively promoting the feedback and solution of relevant issues, and constantly discussing, proposing Update improvement suggestions and solutions.

Through close linkage, construction started on April 21 and trial production began on May 10. In this short period of 20 days, dozens of construction items such as the replacement linkage of coating head and the relocation and installation of corona machine were improved and agreed. Many tasks that could not be completed in a short time were realized one by one through the collective strength and the full cooperation of NAR people.

Although the haze of the epidemic is still shrouded, and local logistics is still full of unknowns, with the full promotion and efforts of NAR people and the construction party, the construction of the workshop is still progressing steadily, and is about to enter the equipment commissioning stage, which is expected to be completed in the early summer of this year.

It is in this kind of honing that NAR has exercised and made breakthroughs again and again. The new high-quality coating workshop will still adhere to its original intention and fulfill its mission to bring customers higher quality products and services.

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