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By \"Nar PPF \" nominal sponsored Shanghai Jiaotong University EMBA Gaol Club year-end successful receiver

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Shanghai Jiaotong University EMBA Gaol Club at the \"Nar PPF \" was successfully held on November 18, 2020.

On the day of the year, more than 80 people participated in this competition. The executive team with Chairman, Chairman of Nar, took the executive team of Ma Jidia to participate in the event. The Vice President and Important Professor of the Ante Economics College were also visited.

Wonderful show


\"Nar PPF \" has made full sponsorship for this event. The body paint protective film produced by Nar Shares has a number of patented technology. It is one of the most competitive products in the body paint protective film market. The monthly sales have exceeded 10 million.

After the product is installed, it can effectively protect the original car paint, from this to the painted gravel hit the scar, acid rain, ultraviolet, bird, oil, artificial scratches, scratching and other injuries. With its excellent product characteristics, the event is highly concerned at the event.


The blue team won by the game

This competition is divided into red blue. After fierce competition, ultimately, chairman visited the blue team where the country and President Ma Ji received a team victory.

In the dinner, the chairman of the pavilion and the president of Ma Ji, published a message. They expressed the joy of successfully completed the event, and thank you for your support of this sponsorship.


Chairman of Nar Shares


Nar Shares President Ma Ji speech ↑

As the title sponsor of this event, \"Nar PPF \" has been welcomed by excellent products and brands. I believe in the future, \"Nar PPF \" body paint protective film will usher in a huge development and higher soaking!


As a protective film mounted on the car paint surface, \"NARPPF \" has now become one of the domestic leading body painted protective film brands. Since the listing, the series of products mainly played by RPRO and TPRO is deeply welcomed by users, and has become the preferred product of most users.


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