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Build a bright future with love!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-06-10      Origin: Site

Li Wei, a 26-year-old son of Li  Zuoming, an employee of Shanghai NAR cutting workshop, was unconscious at his home in Mianyang city on May 27. He was diagnosed with congenital cerebral vascular malformation, which resulted in left hemiplegia due to hemorrhage and compression of cerebral nerves. More than 100000 yuan has been spent on emergency craniotomy for more than four hours in Mianyang 404 hospital, which is not out of danger. It will cost a lot to recover in the intensive care unit. The ordinary family is suffering a lot and is raising money to save his son's life.

Since the end of last year, NAR has successively held six gratitude activities, one of which is to set up 1 million poverty-stricken funds, 500000 for employees' difficulties and 500000 for children in poor areas to go to school. After the company learned about Li's situation, it immediately started the application process of the assistance fund, and on that day, it transferred the first amount of the assistance fund by wire to Li, and the subsequent assistance fund is also preparing materials to continue to follow up.

Gratitude is not only a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, but also an important part of NAR culture. Be grateful to your relatives, elders, company leaders and colleagues, and people around you. Every little progress we make, every return we have, every happiness we get, we should know how to be grateful. Gratitude is not only a kind of acknowledgment, but also a kind of admiration, a spur and a kind of love! Gratitude is the source of love, never giving up is the promise of love, mutual help is the transmission of love! Let's pass this love on to everyone and become an important part of nard's humanistic care.


Li entered NAR in October 2011. As an ordinary packaging worker, he has been working in obscurity for nearly six years, which is not known to many people. NAR company has experienced many difficulties and developments since its establishment, but it is a group of ordinary employees like Li Zuoming who have always followed NAR's growth and worked hard and contributed silently in their own positions that NAR has achieved today. NAR will also take care of your growth and lead you to a happy and beautiful life in the same way. This is NAR's commitment to employees and love!

Just heard the news that after 13 days of intensive care, Li Wei has been transferred to the general ward today. In recent days, it has begun to rain in Mianyang, the weather has become comfortable and warm, and the anxiety of Li Zuming's family, who are nursing in the hospital, has begun to be relieved and full of expectations for the future.

Believe them, you, US and NAR, tomorrow will be better!

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