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Brightly debut! Baina Guangzhou promotion conference succeeded!

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Guangzhou, a city always at the forefront of the times, is full of passion and faith of unremitting struggle. On October 19, 2021, with the enthusiasm and confidence, the "Baina" brand of NAR Co., Ltd. held the first Baina Guangzhou promotion conference with the theme of "Baina car stickers,brightly debut", which attracted more than 60 industry elites from Guangdong and Guangxi.

As one of the important brands of NAR , "Baina" has been committed to providing standardized products for a wider range of advertising material users since its establishment, and creating more revenue for dealers and users through lean production and precision service. After several years of development, the annual sales of "Baina" brand products have exceeded 200 million.


Shen Weifeng, vice president of NAR made a speech first. He systematically and completely introduced NAR's current situation in terms of enterprise scale, annual production capacity and brand comprehensive strength, and emphasized NAR's strong anti risk ability and industry-leading production and quality control ability under the rapidly changing market conditions.


Subsequently, Wu Zhen, product director of NAR Co., Ltd., deeply expounded the fundamental reason why Baina brand can create stable product quality from the perspective of production and quality stability. At the same time, he answered the printing and construction problems encountered by the audience, and won a warm response.


Zhao Quansheng, general manager of Guangzhou Yuexiang advertising materials Co., Ltd., a partner from Guangdong, shared his experience in cooperation with Baina. He described his journey from hesitation, trying to cooperate, and finally becoming a firm partner of Baina. He said that it was not only Baina's excellent quality and service spirit that made him make up his mind, but more importantly, the cooperation with Baina can bring him good benefits and win-win cooperation.


Finally, Cheng Haisheng, manager of Baina Business Department of NAR, announced the sales policy of the promotion meeting. In his speech, he once again stressed that Baina products not only have extremely stable product quality, but also have strong production capacity to supply the global market under the support of the collectivized operation of NAR. Then he announced the sales policy of the promotion meeting, and the whole meeting reached a climax.


This promotion conference is the first official show of "Baina" brand in Guangdong market. Baina has won the recognition of the audience with strong brand strength, sincere sincerity and, deepened the industry's understanding of this brand and laid a good foundation for further cooperation. Baina team will provide more stable product quality and timely service, with the goal of achieving win-win with partners and creating the future with all brand users!

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