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Bar code helps NAR to drive towards digital express lane

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-11-12      Origin: Site

On August 19, 2019, after more than three months of hard work, NAR's bar code project was successfully launched. After more than two months of testing, the finished product bar code system operated smoothly, and the system effectively improved the efficiency and accuracy of NAR's finished product warehouse operation, bringing significant changes in supply chain collaborative management and business process specifications. 

 In the digital era, the market competition is more and more fierce, customer orders are more fragmented, customer delivery requirements are higher, the service quality and speed of logistics supply chain will directly reflect the company's market competitiveness. With the rapid development of NAR's business, the original ERP system can not meet the higher requirements of refined operation process and more controllable supply chain management in terms of warehouse management professionalism or rapid order processing. It is necessary to improve the efficiency of warehouse delivery and enhance the real-time analysis of order processing in all aspects. For this reason, NAR stock introduced barcode warehouse management system to upgrade finished product warehouse management.

In the process of project implementation and operation, the project team, warehouse personnel and management trainee overcome various of difficulties, collate data, warehouse inventory, sort out processes and specifications, and modify procedures. "5 + 2, white + black" is the normal work of project personnel, and successfully launch the barcode system online. Nantong warehouse, in particular, has a large volume of shipments and a complex location. Warehouse staff and management trainees were not afraid of difficulties. They work hard day and night, and work together to finally shorten the daily delivery time of 16000 or 17000 rolls from overtime to 3, 4 a.m. the next day to 10 p.m. same day .It is NAR's team spirit of " Cheers to each other when we win,and when it fails we'll save it in desperation. " that changes many things from “impossible to possible”.

Through the bar code system online, real-time online warehouse operation can be realized, real-time warehouse inventory and operation can be viewed dynamically online, bar code system and ERP system can be connected, NAR shares takes the first step of digitalization, and in the future NAR shares will move more business to the online, realize the digitalized intelligent factory, and believe that the future of digitalized NAR will be better!

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