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At 12.12 Shopping festival " NAR gained substantial achievement

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-12-17      Origin: Site

The successive rainy days made Shanghai ‘s winter seem even colder, but it was gratifying that the sky on December 12 suddenly cleared up, long lost sunshine appeared in the sky. 

More than 200 partners from all over the country gathered in NAR, stepped on the red carpet for "NAR ‘s 12.12 Purchasing Festival", and joined the banquet of ideas changing and purchase allowance.

Guests are in good shape ↑

Under the harder and harder economic environment, you Aiguo, chairman of NAR Co., Ltd., at this grand meeting, gave his own answer – Purple Sea strategy, leading partners to develop together and explore new business values.


NAR will take "the whole industry chain", "the ecological industry chain" and "the terminal brand chain" as the three carriages, go hand in hand, and create a closed-loop industry chain including ink, glue, related consumables, etc.; integrate high-quality resources, build a way to meet more needs of customers through information technology and data management, and improve the core competitiveness of customers!

Speech by Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nal Shares You Patriotic ↑

By 16:30 p.m. on December 14, 2018, with the joint efforts of NAR and all partners, 217 new and old regional partners have signed purchasing contracts during the "NAR 12.12 purchasing Festival", laying a solid foundation for 2019. "NAR 12.12 purchasing festival ended successfully.

Thank all cooperative partners for their trusts and supports

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