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All for customers! - fight for supply battle

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-04-14      Origin: Site

In order to serve customers better, NAR has made a series of adjustments. 

First of all, in 2017, NAR adjusted its marketing department, such as setting up a sales management department, grouping business personnel, adjusting the incentive policies for new markets and new customer development, etc. At the same time, the domestic agent network is increasingly mature and growing. At present, the brand agent channel has covered more than 200 prefecture level cities, and is extending to South China, southwest and other regions. 

Secondly, sort out and shape 22 kinds of 39 models of "standard products" and gradually form a stock system to achieve the service purpose of "ready stock, short delivery date, no complaint, reasonable price, good quality and profitable".

Therefore, in 2018, the development of overseas customers and the channel market in domenstic and abroad began to work gradually, and a new round of growth is coming. 

It is the successful sorting out of marketing management and product management that has laid a solid foundation for NAR's future market development. Therefore, NAR set a 30% growth target in early 2018. 

Under this goal, the colleagues of the marketing center are constantly striving in the front line of the market, while the guarantee of supply and the achievement of customer demand are our internal mission! 

It is during the Spring Festival of 2018 that the working team of the production and operation center gave up going home for the Spring Festival when most people embarked on the return journey of the Spring Festival reunion and chose to use the furnace shutdown and cooling time from the early morning to repair the equipment. When most people are still reunited with their relatives and friends, Shan Tou workshop is maintaining the paper shredding conveyor line to prepare for overtime production after the Spring Festival. When most people have not yet returned to work, they have already begun to work overtime. 

Under the leadership of management cadres, the production and operation center has concentrated its efforts. It is such a team that has truly become what chairman You Aiguo calls "a team that can fight".

The efforts of the production team are obvious to all, and NAR is a integration. The rapid expansion of production capacity requires a large number of personnel supplement. In order to ensure production safety, the company decided to divert the original auxiliary production staff to the production line, and the auxiliary work on packaging was supplemented by the personnel of functional departments. In order to achieve the company's overall goal, even during the Spring Festival when all departments have heavy tasks, all functional departments still do their best to support the production and operation center, and the domestic marketing center is the coordinator, who takes the initiative to undertake the working hours of two people a day, and they say, "if the guests don't receive the goods in time, how can we talk about" all for the customer " 

When we look back at the first quarter's performance, the output of back glue and slitting under the same equipment conditions has reached a record high, and has been stable, and we believe that this record will be broken soon! Sales and shipments also exceeded the target. Our team is not only "able to fight", but also "how to fight". The company's goal must be firmly in our hands!

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