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Adhere to the law, strengthen risk awareness --- Nar Shares to carry out legal knowledge learning

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-29      Origin: Site

In order to improve the legal knowledge of the company's management personnel, establish a good legal awareness, enhance the legal concept, do \"learning, understand, law-abiding, usage \"; thus can use legal knowledge to prevent business risks in business cooperation, When the company or individual legal rights are infringed, it is possible to use legal weapons to maintain the legal rights and interests of the company or individual. Follow June this year's legal risk prevention training, on September 3, at the company headquarters again organized various departments management personnel And the relevant personnel conducted a training study of the theme \"Law Protection of Trademark, Patent and Commercial Secrets\", which focuses on the basic theoretical knowledge of trademark rights, patents and trade secrets and focusing on the relevant cases. .

This legal knowledge training lecturer is Shanghai Jintian by the company's all-year-old legal consultants.City lawyerThe partner of the firm, said that the company's actual business situation is analyzed in order to analyze the trademark rights, patent rights and business secrets involved in the operations, and how to prevent the company's actual business situation, and focus on OEM trade.Lower trademarkInfringement risk prevention. Wu Musoping's lawyers enumerate the relevant cases to understand the content of the learning content, such as the famous \"Jordan business label \", enhance everyone's interest in learning, and understanding the application of legal knowledge in actual life. The entire training lasts for 2 hours, and the scene is full, during the training, everyone is actively involved, and the interactive atmosphere is warm.

Through training, the law has changed the theoretical strong, boring boring consistent concepts in everyone, enhances everyone's interest in learning legal, and improves everyone's legal awareness, and prevent legal risks in the future to ensure the company. The interests have played an important role.


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