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2021 NAR key product promotion conference in Linyi completed successfully

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On June 5, 2021, the 2021 key product promotion meeting of NAR was successfully held in beautiful city, Linyi. Taking Shandong province as the home field, the conference invited 55 leading end users from all over Shandong. The conference focused on"NAR key products" series, striving to optimize the market product structure, promoting the market's acknowledge of domestic high-quality products, but also deepening the understanding between manufacturers and users.


NAR black crown (NV5424 one-year removable self adhesive vinyl), blue diamond ultra transparent (NV6012 removable ultra transparent adhesive vinyl), self adhesive vinyl for express buffet cabinet application (NV4530, high tack removable adhesive vinyl) and many other key products appeared and became the focus of the whole conference.


Wei Lingli, sales director of NAR marketing center and Wuzhen, general manager assistant, respectively introduced the development process, comprehensive strength of NAR, advertising material production technology, routine application, key product characteristics of NAR, segmentation application scenarios and market significance.

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Ms. Liangjuan, general manager of Shandong Chuncheng, shared the cooperation process and harvest with NAR on behalf of Linyi Chuncheng. She summarized it with "going together in the boat and working together" to express that cooperation with a strong brand has a significant significance for its own growth and market development


In addition, Zhang Zhenyu, general manager of Weifang jinnanhua advertising Co., Ltd., was specially invited to the conference. As an important user of NAR brand, he has cooperated with Shandong Chuncheng for many years. He introduced several successful application cases of NAR products and shared many cooperation experiences with Shandong Chuncheng

Cao Junming, technical consultant of Shandong Chuncheng digital printing factory, said, "why should Chuncheng digital printing factory be transformed into a fully intelligent chemical factory?" He stated the further reasons of Shandong Chuncheng's achievements, that is, constantly mentioning the efficient management within the enterprise and the pursuit of technological innovation, interprets that "good products" and "high efficiency" are reasons to create opportunities, and also illustrates the significance of NAR's key product series in marketing.


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Zhu zhipu, sales manager of China north region of NAR marketing center, announced the sales policy of the promotion meeting.Facing such high-quality products, on-site customers have placed orders and paid the deposit, bringing the conference site into one climax after another.


The first promotion of key products in Shandong Province has been a great success, which has taken an important step to promote the optimization of market product structure. In the future, NAR will launch more abundant and competitive high-quality products, grow together with partners, and work together for the development of the industry and the future!


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